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Donaldson Dust Collector Receives Product of the Year Award

Torit® Rugged Pleat (RP) baghouse industrial collector receives honor from Waterloo Filtration Institute

Donaldson Rugged Pleat Baghouse Collector1

Donaldson Company, Inc. has been honored with a 2020 Product of the Year distinction by the Waterloo Filtration Institute (WFI) for the Donaldson Torit® Rugged Pleat (RP) baghouse industrial collector.

“Within the competitive Filter Element/Device category, Donaldson’s RP baghouse stood out for its unique design, ease of use, innovative change in design and configuration, and its benefits to customers,” says Mitch McCreary, director of sales from Waterloo Filtration Institute. “Dust collectors are an important line of defense when it comes to filtering the air in harsh manufacturing environments, so the advancements demonstrated by the new RP baghouse are critically important to plant management teams.”

WFI supports the growth of the global filtration industry and the advancement of science and technology in filtration and separation processes. As part of the WFI Annual Conference on December 15-16, 2020, the RP baghouse was singled out during the Filtration and Separation Certificate Ceremony that spotlighted a selection of new, global filtration products.

“We were pleased to receive ‘Product of the Year’ from WFI for our unparalleled RP baghouse collector,” says Joe Kiolbasa, product manager in the Industrial Air Filtration division of Donaldson. “WFI along with Donaldson supports the next generation of technology in filtration and recognizes the need for companies to better handle air quality and occupational health and safety issues in their facilities around the world.”

Donaldson’s new RP baghouse collector pre-separates up to 97% of dust before it hits filters and the pulse cleaning system pulses directly over the filters to help extend their lifespan. Recognized by WFI for its unique design, each filter in the RP baghouse collector has two to three times more media than a typical bag, resulting in the RP baghouse having 44% fewer filters while providing 60% more media than traditional baghouse collectors.

When the time does come to replace filters, the five-foot filters are easier to handle compared to traditional 8-, 10- or 12-foot bags and cages, resulting in a 50% reduction in filter replacement time per filter. This leads to a 72% reduction in total collector change-out times due to the reduced number of filters. Thanks to the standard Ultra-Web Spunbond media, the RP baghouse is capable of providing up to 94% fewer emissions when compared to other category baghouses.

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Founded in 1915, Donaldson is a leading worldwide manufacturer of innovative filtration products and solutions, serving a broad range of industries and advanced markets.

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