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FEFAC welcomes Romanian Feed Industry Association for membership

TheEuropean Compound Feed Manufacturers’ Federation (FEFAC) has welcomed RomanianFeed Industry Association (ANFNC) for active membership.

The European Compound Feed Manufacturers’ Federation (FEFAC) has welcomed Romanian Feed Industry Association (ANFNC) for active membership, effective July 1.

ANFNC is composed of 33 member companies, including feed additives and feed manufacturing equipment suppliers. It was established in September 2013 and expects to increase membership to approximately 50 companies by the end of 2014.

“We very much welcome the setting up of ANFNC as an effective spokesman for the Romanian feed industry which will assist its member companies to develop the growing Romanian livestock and feed market,” said FEFAC President Ruud Tijssens.

“The close cooperation between ANFNC and FEFAC will facilitate and support the efforts and investments of our feed companies to unlock the full potential of livestock agriculture in Romania,” said Iosif Pazuric, ANFNC president. “The current annual production of approximately 2.5 million tons of compound feed can be doubled within the next 10 years.” 

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