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ShowCo attends VIV Asia poultry trade show

ShowCo attends trade show in Bangkok

Reconnects with Asian customers

Over 35 ShowCo member companies were pleased with the recent VIV Asia poultry trade show in Bangkok. Approximately 47,000 delegates attended the three-day event so companies could reconnect with existing customers and identify new opportunities.

VIV Asia is one of the global events in ShowCo’s global exhibition calendar. ShowCo members use the calendar to focus efforts on the best events, typically participating biannually. A founding principle of ShowCo is to attend fewer, and work together to make better, trade shows and use the time and resources saved to improve and innovate products and services offered to customers.

The event lived up to expectation with a wide range of exhibitors and seminars from across the feed and livestock sector, including poultry.
The overall impression was of a good event which helped make up for lost time after the postponements in 2021 and 2022. ShowCo members commented on numerous high-quality visitors ready to discuss which innovations can improve their poultry business.

ShowCo will evaluate the event and decide when to exhibit at VIV Asia again. Based on initial discussions and the success of the recent event, ShowCo expects to be back in Bangkok in 2025 for the next VIV Asia event.

Before then, ShowCo members will be at other global shows. This November, ShowCo will attend VIV MEA in Abu Dhabi followed by IPPE in Atlanta and EuroTier in Hannover in 2024.




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