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Poll reveals public wants food regulations strengthened

Stop Foodborne Illness poll shows concern for salmonella.

Poll reaction to USDA stand on poultry Salmonella standards

The voting public says it’s time to strengthen food safety regulations, according to a Stop Foodborne Illness (STOP) poll. 

This STOP poll comes after the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced its intent to strengthen poultry Salmonella standards.

Salmonella remains a top cause of foodborne illness in the US.

Chicken and turkey are major contributors to Salmonella illnesses, hospitalizations, and death (CDC).

This national poll sampled 1,000 diverse registered voters. Key findings include:

  • High awareness of the problem–87% know about Salmonella poisoning and illnesses from contaminated poultry.
  • Bipartisan support for stricter standards–86% favor stricter standards. 89% of Democrats, 84% of Independents, and 84% of Republicans.
  • Broad support for enforceable standards–86% support prohibiting sale of products failing safety standards–88% of Democrats, 82% of Independents, 86% of Republicans.


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