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Impact NRS creates RumenEra

Impact NRS creates RumenEra.

Launch will develop and commercialize high-impact rumen microbiome applications

Impact NRS LLC (NRS), the National Institute for Biotechnology in the Negev (NIBN) and the Agricultural Research Organization (ARO) collectively announce the commencement of their partnership through the launch of RumenEra. NRS is a leading innovation company, focused on creating solutions to the health, wellbeing and sustainability challenges of our time, using its Convergence Innovation platform.

RumenEra is developing and commercializing products and services for ruminant animals, such as cattle, that will substantially improve global food security, while decreasing environmental impacts, improving animal welfare and ensuring economic security for key global stakeholders. Stakeholders include farmers, integrated food companies, their customers and major players in the carbon credit markets.

Ruminants are a major source of edible protein products but carry a high environmental burden. The world’s estimated 1.5 billion cattle emit approximately 5 billion tons of CO2-equivalents per year. On the one hand, continued increase in global demand for milk and meat contributes to the diminishing capacity of our planet to process carbon emissions by accelerating deforestation and diverting water use. On the other hand, milk is a major source of protein and other nutrients, which are critical for both the young and elderly worldwide. To confront these challenges, RumenEra uses microbiome-guided strategies to meet its objectives of balancing nutritional security with environmental burden, while maintaining high economic value. These urgent challenges affect all countries, and include adverse climate change, population growth, increasing demand for high-quality proteins, diminished land and water availability and poor animal welfare.

RumenEra is based on research conducted by Prof. Itzhak Mizrahi of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and the NIBN who has devised, patented and validated methodologies of ruminant microbiome assembly dynamics and their connection to cattle physiology and methane emissions. These innovations and knowhow have been exclusively licensed to RumenEra. Prof. Mizrahi states: “These joint efforts have the potential to ensure enhanced food supply, while protecting our environment for the benefit of generations to come.”

NRS’s Israeli leadership and commercialization divisions, led by Eli Mor, Impact NRS president, head of international, has already instituted a multidisciplinary team for RumenEra to meet its challenging goals.

The research undertaken by Prof. Mizrahi was conceived and initially developed when he held a position at the ARO, one of the world’s leading sources of agriculture innovation. The CEO of Kidum, the commercialization arm of the ARO, Jacob Mualem Marom says: “We believe that the technology developed initially by Prof. Mizrahi and now by RumenEra, with its unique value proposition, can change the economic and environmental paradigm surrounding milk production, so it will become more sustainable, environmentally friendly and cost effective. It is crucial for our planet and for our food economy at the same time. NRS as a leader in convergence platform technologies, with their unique abilities and value creation strategies; and NIBN as a leading research institute in the life sciences, are the best possible partners we could have to make this vision a reality.”

As the majority partner and commercial leader of RumenEra, NRS is committed to realizing its broader vision for developing an integrated platform by converging microorganism networks across all major biomes–from the human gut to beneath the Earth’s crust.

Sam Salman, the chairman & CEO of NRS says, “The extraordinary vision and breakthrough discoveries of Prof. Itzhak Mizrahi will be crafted to achieve maximum global impact to materially enhance nutrition and reduce the environmental burden of milk and meat production. These goals will be realized through the expert support, encouragement and infrastructure of the highly reputable ARO, combined with the impressive scope of the NIBN and the extensive innovation capability of NRS via its NRS Agro Innovation subsidiary, managed from Tel-Aviv.”

Salman continues “RumenEra is committed to the creation of a global reference standard for the rapid measurement of net feed efficiency, as well as creating products that can be applied to ruminants to optimize their efficiency while decreasing environmental burdens, naturally and healthily, for both the animals and their ecosystems.”

The tripartite collaboration brings together three leading organizations with a track record of world-class research in a win-win partnership that seeks to set a new high standard for commercializing high-impact innovation for vital needs to global markets.

Leading the collaboration for the NIBN is CEO Osnat Ohne, Ph.D., says: “We are very excited to be part of a revolutionary commercial initiative that will greatly promote the food and milk economy while saving the planet. NIBN, as a leading institute for applied technologies, supported Prof. Itzhak Mizrahi’s research all the way to commercialization. We have great faith in the third-party collaboration of NIBN, ARO and NRS leadership.”



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