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Dellait acquires Nutretain

Nutretain has been acquired by Dellait.

Acquisition is a strategic milestone in strengthening portfolio

Dellait has completed the acquisition of the Nutretain forage preservation business from BritAm Nutritional Concepts, Inc. Under the terms of the agreement, Dellait becomes the owner of the silage inoculant brands Nutretain One, Nutretain Plus and Nutretain Max as well as the hay conditioner brand Nutretain DH.

Nutretain is a science-based forage preservation technology that synergistically combines multiple bacteria strains with high-activity enzymes to speed the fermentation process increasing lactic acid production while improving dry matter recovery and forage quality over a broad range of crops.

“In an ever-changing global dairy market, dairy businesses must work hard to stay ahead of the curve. The acquisition of Nutretain product line is a strategic milestone in strengthening our portfolio and bringing additional value to our clients” says Fernando Diaz, CEO of Dellait. “The technology acquired will further enhance Dellait’s mission to increase dairy farmer’s profits so they can transfer a successful business to the next generation.”

Mike Bettle, President of BritAm Nutritional Concepts Inc., who developed the Nutretain line 25 years ago, will work at Dellait as a Forage Consultant & Dairy Nutritionist. “I am excited to be teaming up with Dellait. Nutretain has been just one part of that for me over the last 25 years; Dellait’s technical and marketing expertise will push the products into a much wider market, while the research side of their business will make sure they keep on top of any new technology that might further enhance their effectiveness,” says Mike Bettle.

Dellait is a global Dairy Nutrition & Management Consulting Firm that provides services and solutions to the dairy industry. Its multi-talented team of consultants, scientists, and data analysts combines deep industry knowledge with specialized expertise in dairy cattle nutrition and health, milk quality, dairy farm management, and business intelligence.



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