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EMBION and ASAHI Group announce strategic collaboration

EMBION Technologies S.A. and Asahi Group Holdings Ltd. to collaborate

Partnership will develop new products from brewing by-products 

EMBION Technologies S.A., industrial biotechnology and green chemistry innovator, and Asahi Group Holdings Ltd. and its R&D subsidiary company, Asahi Quality and Innovations Ltd., will cooperate to develop and deliver new products by combining each partners’ expertise and know-how. As part of this partnership, Embion has already raised part of the Series A funding round which opened earlier in mid- November, with existing shareholders’ strong expected participation.

The parties announced a partnership which aims at leveraging breakthrough technologies to create new products from brewing by-products generated by Asahi Group, while building a circular economy through sustainable sourcing and production.

Embion will provide technology and knowhow to biomass processing and deriving customized, bioactive super-extracts from plant and microbial biomass. Embion’s groundbreaking platform technology accelerates the development of functional nutrition by tapping into and extracting highly potent molecules from industrial biomass side-streams.

AQI is the central hub for cutting-edge research in Asahi Group, engaging in research themes and core technologies that may lead to mid-to-long-term developments in Asahi Group. Through these activities, AQI will contribute not only to financial growth of the Asahi Group but also to creation of shared values.

“We are very excited about the strategic cooperation with Asahi. By building strategic alliances like this, we can leverage our platform technology globally and continue our growth trajectory which will be supported by our Series A funding round launched in mid-November, ” says Andreas Th. Weckherlin, Chairman of the Board at Embion.

The collaboration between the parties was initiated more than two years ago when Embion was developing its first super-extract PREMBION for supporting antibiotics-free growing of production animals by upcycling the grain byproduct that is generated through the process of beer making.

“The Asahi-Embion partnership brings together deep skills in business and technology strategy, product ideation, technology development and deployment. The potential of our collaboration is as impactful as our technologies”, added Georgios Savoglidis, Founder and CEO of Embion.

Embion’s technology allows to create super-potent extracts from food and agricultural industry side streams. “This upcycling contributes to extending our food resources, security of supply, and sustainability with a technology that is able to reduce carbon footprint even further than the most sustainable technologies in the market today”, adds Savoglidis.

“We highly appreciate Embion’s technology thorough experiments. Through our partnership with Embion we aim to deliver on accelerating the promotion of sustainability on a global basis. Future food and supply security demand the use of localized resources while exploring the most advanced fundamental technologies available,” adds Manabu Sami, President and Representative Director of AQI.

With the conclusion of the JDA, the partners will work on a detailed study of business development by using Embion’s technology. As part of this partnership, Embion and AQI will accelerate the creation of new values by upcycling the brewing by-products, contributing to the realization of a future-proof circular economy.


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