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Rebel Nutrition and Proveta Nutrition join forces

Rebel Nutrition and Proveta Nutrition alliance ramps up advantages for local producers.

Newly formalized alliance ramps up advantages for local producers

A newly formalized alliance between two fast rising independent Saskatchewan based animal nutrition companies has been announced to ramp up efficiency, value and profitability for local livestock operations.

Rebel Nutrition and Proveta Nutrition Ltd. have joined forces under a new strategic partnership, designed to utilize the complementary expertise and resources of both companies to support new synergies and enhanced animal feed solutions –bringing both short- and long-term advantages for producers in the Swift Current area and more broadly across the West.

Though the partnership merges ownership, it will maintain the core team members and independent brands of both companies. Rebel Nutrition will continue to operate as usual but with new advantages such as strengthened local manufacturing capabilities and broadened access to the latest cutting-edge knowledge and solutions. Proveta Nutrition will come full circle on recent multi-species expansion and strategic diversification plans – driving progress for southeastern Saskatchewan via its support of the Rebel team.

New progress, new opportunities 

“We are very pleased to announce this new partnership,” says Rajneesh Tyagi, Managing Director of Proveta Nutrition. “The landscape of agriculture including livestock production continues to evolve at a rapid pace, bringing new challenges and opportunities.  The right strategic alliances are critical to ensure stability, efficiency and continual improvement to support farmers in optimizing results – to not simply transition to the future but to fully take charge and maximize success.”

Rebel Nutrition, based in Swift Current, is a leading independent full service animal health and nutrition company with a strong focus on southeastern Saskatchewan, which has earned a strong and expanding customer base in five years in business. It supports its producer customers with species-specific expertise and products, offering a range of bulk feeds, supplements, micro and macro premixes, complete textured rations and new innovative feed additives.

Farmer-focused team success

“The focus of this partnership is supporting our farmer customers,” says Ted Baas of Rebel Nutrition. “Our team and high level of dedicated local service will remain the same. Our customers will continue to deal directly with the same people, including our nutritionists and office staff. The Rebel Nutrition brand and all it stands for will remain strong and independent. However we will have a lot more power behind us, particularly with the greatly strengthened local manufacturing. We see this as a big win for everyone involved most importantly livestock producers who can rely on Rebel Nutrition more than ever today and long into the future.”

The full core Rebel Nutrition team, including Ted Baas in nutrition and sales, Tony Charanduk in sales, sales and office manager Liz Jahnke and warehouse and deliveries staff Taler Moore will remain committed in these roles, now with stronger backing via Proveta in areas where there are advantages to collaboration.

“The increased resources and capacity really strengthen our position,” says Charanduk. “They also widen our capability for innovative projects that will benefit our customers. The Rebel brand and everything we stand for will be stronger than ever.”

Driving the future

Proveta Nutrition, headquartered in Saskatoon, is a major locally owned farmer-focused feed company serving diverse customers across the Canadian prairies and beyond, with large scale manufacturing facilities, ongoing expansion and growing multi-disciplinary teams providing tailored service to markets across the region.

“The future for Proveta Nutrition, our partners, and most importantly our customers, has never looked brighter,” says Blake Burletoff, Director of Sales and Marketing with Proveta Nutrition. “The opportunity to partner with Rebel Nutrition, with their outstanding proven and experienced team with on-farm support second to none, is an excellent fit as we drive forward into the future of livestock nutrition.”

Started in 2014 by Tyagi, with the acquisition of a major feed mill in Bruno, Sask, Proveta Nutrition has a strong focus on a ‘made in Saskatchewan’ and ‘made in Canada’ approach to sourcing, utilizing and adding value to advanced and innovative products and solutions. Tyagi has brought a strong science drive to the feed business with a now vibrant R&D division fuelling the company’s success and growth. This includes research funding and  student sponsor relationships at the University of Saskatchewan. Charity and community are a central focus for Tyagi including via Proveta Nutrition activities and reinvestment in the Canadian prairies.

Today the expanded and modernized Bruno feed mill / manufacturing facility features a 90,000 tonne annual capacity, with numerous leading-edge technological enhancements, which has spurred the drive to further multi-species diversity in recent years. Proveta Nutrition has also moved into dramatically expanded Saskatoon offices– showcasing head corporate office and R&D Centre–and has additional branch offices in Swift Current, Lethbridge and Stettler.

Advanced science, synergies, solutions

A key initiative in recent years to optimize use of mill capacity has been diversification and expansion of the product line and related nutrition team, says Burletoff. Proveta now offers quality, consistent value-added solutions and programs across swine, poultry, beef cattle, dairy cattle, sheep, goats and bison. A highlighted rising focus is feed additive innovation including new technologies to help operations meet trends and expectations such as reduced reliance on antimicrobials while upholding optimal animal health, nutrition and performance.

In addition to enhanced local manufacturing benefits, Rebel Nutrition will take advantage of substantial purchasing and logistics advantages under the relationship boosting efficiency and value for customers. It will also secure preferred access to innovative ProPLUS advanced fermented protein supplement technology–one of a number of made in Saskatchewan / made in Canada solutions unique to Proveta and its ongoing innovation pipeline. With this innovative ProPlus technology, Proveta is working on optimized solutions utilizing a number of locally grown Saskatchewan based crops including both cereals and legumes.

“Our team will have a stronger toolbox to work with,” says Baas. “This will also open further pathways for collaboration to capture the best expertise on everything from additives to formulations and strategies –  all to the benefit of our customers. We’ve come a long way in our first five years. This new partnership is an important launch point to the next phase of opportunity.”

More information on Proveta Nutrition, including its growing team and services, is available at Background on Rebel Nutrition is available at

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