FarmHouse and Groupe Cérès join forces on animal nutrition

FarmHouse and Groupe Ceres join forces.

Combined offering designed to boost producer profits across Canada and into U.S.

As new science-powered advances in animal nutrition rise to the forefront as a transformative force shaping a new era of modern livestock production, producers and their industry across Canada and into the U.S. are poised to benefit from a dynamic new partnership designed to help them capture the best opportunities.

Hot on the heels of the rollout of its innovative ‘farmhouse focused’ model, newly launched FarmHouse Consulting Inc. has joined forces with highly regarded Groupe Cérès Inc., with the announcement of a joint nutrition agreement between the two companies. The agreement will bring the elite swine nutrition expertise of Groupe Cérès to the expanding FarmHouse customer base and allow further knowledge and resource sharing adding value for producers.

Synergy for production success

“We are very pleased to establish this agreement formalizing our relationship with Groupe Cérès,” says J. Neil Dobson, co-founder of FarmHouse Consultants Inc. “It creates unique synergies to benefit the full spectrum of swine operations, utilizing complementary advantages of both companies to offer enhanced swine nutrition approaches that represent the cutting-edge across the industry, with a specific focus on boosting profits for producers. This swine partnership mirrors relationships we are also building on the poultry side to support our poultry customers.”

“The time is right for a new era of progressive thinking in swine nutrition, to ensure producers have the best knowledge, technologies and strategies at their disposal to maximize results,” says Dan Bussières, swine nutritionist and co-founder of Groupe Cérès. “Our business model and mentality are an excellent fit with FarmHouse. The new agreement strengthens our combined offering and provides an important cornerstone to further expansion opportunities.”

Helping producers maximize competitiveness

Manitoba-based FarmHouse Consulting Inc. was founded in 2020 by J. Neil Dobson and Patrick Hague to offer a fresh approach to bringing the world’s best knowledge, technologies and resources direct to farm, initially with a strong focus on poultry and swine via a model that supports simplified integrated decision making right at the farmhouse kitchen table.

Groupe Cérès Inc. headquartered in Lévis, Quebec, was founded in 2004 by Janin Boucher and Dan Bussières offering services across all areas of swine production, including nutrition, management, research, and genetics. Groupe Cérès currently employs over 80 people and has seen tremendous growth over the last 16 years with activities in Quebec, Ontario, the Maritimes and Western Canada, including prominently as the lead swine nutrition partner of HyLife Foods — Canada’s number two pork producer and one of North America and the world’s leading integrated pork production companies, offering farm-to-fork premium pork products. Groupe Cérès and is affiliates develop and monitor nutrition programs influencing the feeding of more than 4.5 million pigs annually, including supervision of nutrition and R&D programs for HyLife.

New thinking for a new era

FarmHouse customers utilizing programs co-designed with Groupe Cérès can expect access to the latest state of the art nutrition service and technology, notes Bussières. “In addition, beyond performance and quality, our focus always has been to bring to swine operations a cost effective approach backed-up by research and by economics.”

Today more than ever, success in the pork industry requires new approaches to teamwork and partnerships among like-minded companies, particularly to deliver optimized slat-level expertise, says Patrick Hague, co-founder of FarmHouse. “This mindset is a big part of our model. The right partnership opportunities bring a higher level of support to our customers right at the slat-level, along with many advantages to improve the profitability of their operations.”

Alignment in strong research and science-based thinking is also critical to success, says Bussières. “Research and science are the big differentiator today. They are the key to capturing the opportunities of the future and they are the foundation of our commitment to our customers under this nutrition agreement. There are many challenges in pork production today. At the same time, the pace of research and science-based innovation has never been greater – this gives us tremendous reason for optimism as we look to the future.”


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