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Biomar enters partnership in Vietnam

Biomar and Viet UC enter partnership.

Partnership will develop and produce aqua feed in Vietnam

To confirm a mutual interest in entering into a partnership, BioMar and Vietnam’s leading shrimp hatchery Viet-UC have signed a memorandum of understanding with the intention of BioMar becoming part owner and operational lead in the feed factory currently owned by Viet-UC.

BioMar Group and Viet-UC are to establish a partnership developing and producing aqua feed in Vietnam. The two companies see a strong match in terms of values, focus and visions: Viet-UC being one of the leading shrimp hatcheries in the world with the ambition to build an integrated seafood group and BioMar Group being a leading global supplier of high quality aqua feeds based on extensive R&D and market insights.

“We believe that a feed partnership with Viet-UC in Vietnam will bring important synergies to the feed business as well as the hatchery and grow-out business of Viet-UC. Both companies have a common focus on sustainability, food safety, traceability, quality and performance, which we believe will be strong drivers to strengthen and develop both companies as well as the aquaculture industry in Vietnam. There is no doubt that there will be a growing market for high quality feed in Vietnam”, explains Carlos Diaz, CEO in BioMar Group.

BioMar is already a significant shrimp feed producer in South and Central America with factories in Ecuador and Costa Rica. Since 2012, BioMar has been engaged in the development of feed and technical services for shrimp utilizing the capabilities of global R&D in combination with trial facilities around the world, most recently through its advanced Aquaculture Technology Centre in Ecuador dedicated to shrimp. Moving into South East Asia will strengthen the position of BioMar in the global shrimp industry and make it possible to share know how and best practice across the continents.

“We strongly believe in the increasing importance of high quality Post Larvae and in the relation between genetic and nutritional development, so partnering with one of the leading companies within this field in order to develop high performance feeds, concepts and value chain collaborations makes a lot of sense in order to promote a positive development of the shrimp industry“, continues Carlos Diaz.

The memorandum of understanding will ensure that the two companies exclusively can focus on exploring the possibilities further, before signing a final agreement.

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