New FRAmelco factory opening

FRAmelco opens new factory in Thailand.

Demand for additives has resulted in the opening of a new Thailand factory

As leading manufacturer of glycerides, FRAmelco strengthens its foothold in the Asian market. The global increased demand for antibiotic reducing animal feed additives has resulted in the opening of a new factory in Bangkok, Thailand.

The past year preparations started and now, all the hard and elbow greased work has finally been rewarded with the launch of a brand-new factory. Recognizing the importance of being close to business partners, FRAmelco has established a production facility in Thailand. “This expansion ensures a faster response to customer needs in a more agile manner.” says Managing Director, Daan Kuiper.

With a production capacity of 6000MT, this new facility adds to a welcome increase in FRAmelco’s total production volumes. In addition to the benefits of a higher production, FRAmelco expects a faster response to customer needs, while being able to provide higher service levels to Thailand and its neighboring countries.

Initially, the new facility will focus their activities on the production of animal health improving products such as FRA C12, FRA LeciMax and other key FRA products.

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