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Product specs on the latest bulk feed equipment transportation equipment.


Company name: Warren Manufacturing Inc. Product name: Bulk animal feed transportation equipment Differentiator: Robust tank design Product features:

  • Low center of gravity      
  • Rapid delivery systems
  • 5000 series aluminum used in construction

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Walinga Hoag

Courtesy Walinga Company name: Walinga Inc. Product name: Low center of gravity, high-output auger (LCG – HOAG) feed trailer Differentiator: Five-year warranty Product features:

  • Air-operated gates and roof lids
  • Roll stability
  • Low center of gravity compared with standard feed trailer

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Hensley Feed Transportation Equipment

Courtesy Hensley Feed Transportation Equipment Company name: Hensley Feed Transportation Equipment Product name: Generation X low center of gravity feed trailer Differentiator: Aerodynamic design for less wind drag Product features:

  • Patented design – first feed trailer to receive patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
  • Aerodynamic design for greater fuel economy
  • Lower center of gravity resulting in fewer rollover accidents

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Sudenga Atlas Truck

Courtesy Sudenga Company name: Sudenga Product name: Atlas Differentiator: Fastest unloading auger feed trailer, averages 7,000 pounds/minute Product features:

  • 16-inch vertical with 12-inch discharge allows a three-ton compartment to empty in 50 seconds with 36 pound/cubic foot finishing ration
  • Handheld radio control controls the auger on-off and lift-swing, lids, spotlights, home button and gates
  • Automatic shut-off that stops the auger system when the bin is full – no spilled feed or stuffed auger

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