WISIUM and Jeil Feed extend their strategic partnership

Under a renewed partnership agreement, Wisium is providing knowledge, assistance and technical support to Jeil Feed.

Under a renewed partnership agreement, Wisium is providing knowledge, assistance and technical support to Jeil Feed. In 2012, the companies renewed their strategic cooperation for the fourth time, allowing the leading Korean feed producer to strengthen its know-how in animal nutrition thanks to Wisium's high level of expertise. The new contract has been signed by Mr. YOON Ha Un, CEO of Jeil Feed, and Mr NOJAC Eric, CEO Neovia Asia, on June, 29th in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Two major players in animal nutrition

Wisium, the international brand of premix / firm services business of Neovia, ranks among the leaders in its activity sector. A supplier of solutions for a total feed equivalent of 30 million tons, Wisium has a presence in more than 50 countries in direct through 13 of the Neovia subsidiairies.

Recognized for its R&D and zootechnical know-how, Wisium benefits from 60 years of expertise in animal nutrition and his aiming to develop solutions to face better current and coming problematics of animal nutrition industry such as: demedication, optimizing cost of production, improve quality of final products thinking about the demand of the whole chain sector.

Jeil Feed, the major South Korean animal feed manufacturer with 7 plants in Korea and 2 in China, produces 1.4 million tons of feed per year with a turnover of USD 560 million. Established in 1962, the company, belongs to the Harim Group, the South Korean leading industrial player operating in poultry production.

A key partnership focusing on designing more innovating, efficient and sustainable solutions

Started in 2012, by a transfer of knowledge agreement between both companies, since then, the partnership has been renewed and has been signed today for the 4th time. This key partnership is focusing on designing more innovating, efficient and sustainable solutions.

Wisium, as a well-known specialist in the field of animal nutrition and health, is focusing on the development of innovative solutions, formulation for animal feed, characterization of raw materials, implementation of R&D trials and protocols zootechnical assistance. Coming from this collaboration, Jeil feed continues to develop more its know-how in these areas in order to better address the agriculture of the future stakes. In this context, the company would strengthen the production of its system efficiency by improving performance for farmers and company alike.

Driven by these objectives, the Korean leader in animal feed has chosen Wisium to advise him in anticipating market trends and to help the company in designing more efficient and sustainable solutions. The aim of the the partnership is to provide a highly technical and tailor made level of expertise in different topics: R&D, farm management, nutrition, covering different species: Ruminant, Swine, Poultry and also Aqua and Petfood. Included in this agreement is the renewal of technical training for Jeil Feed sales team on swine and ruminant and visit of Jeil Feed teams to Neovia platforms around the world to better understand the different modes of production and the way to adapt to each local context.

This renewal of agreement is based on a strong involvement senior experts from both companies to share best practices and know-how. According to Eric Carfi, business development director Wisium in Asia: “This renewed services agreement is a clear sign of the trust of Jeil Feed in the quality of the knowledge and services provided by Wisium. And at the same time it demonstrated the capacity of our company to provide tailor-made value-added services and zootechnical assistance to major animal nutrition and health players, such as Jeil Feed.”

Doctor Jin Seong Park, Pig Species Manager for Jeil Feed added: “We are very satisfied with the Wisium collaboration over the last years and are pleased to continue this partnership and work hand in hand with its worldwide animal nutrition experts in order to enhance our know-how in R&D and innovation.”

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