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4 state-of-the-art feed mills and the firms that built them

Learn about the latest greenfield feed mill projects and expansions built by several of the leading U.S. design-engineer firms.


This collection highlights recent feed mill construction projects by leading US design-engineer firms

Todd Sargent Sanderson Farms Feed Mill Expansion

Todd & Sargent | Sanderson Farms Feed Mill Expansion

  • Construction of a whole grain silo expansion (76-foot-diameter by 145-foot-tall) to hold 500,000 bushels
  • Expansion also includes a 12-foot-by-17-foot, 22-foot-deep boot pit extension at the end of the existing receiving tunnel
  • 30,000 bushel-per-hour receiving leg and top transfer conveyor
  • 7-foot-wide transfer bridge to the existing two corn storage silos
  • New electrical MCC building with new electrical service

Younglove Construction Adm Animal Nutrition Feed Mill E1674167902306

Younglove Construction | ADM Animal Nutrition Feed Mill

  • Two receiving pits/lines at 10,000 cubic feet per hour and 200 tons per hour
  • 2,800 tons of ingredient storage in 40 bins
  • Single hammermill grinding system
  • Three independent mixers/mixing lines
  • Three pelleting lines
  • Five 12-bin microsystems
  • Finished feed loadout driveway with 725 tons of finished feed storage in 31 bins
  • Three bagging lines and a tub press line

Empire Ag Five Star Coop Slipform Feed Mill

Empire AG | Five Star Coop Slipform Feed Mill

  • 5,000 bushel-per-hour corn storage transfer system
  • One 140 ton-per-hour ingredient receiving system
  • Combined 1,200 tons of ingredient storage and 500 tons of loadout storage
  • Two 36 tons-per-hour roller mills
  • 75 ton-per-hour batching system

Ebm Construction Nutrition Services Feed Mill

EBM Construction | Nutrition Services Feed Mill — Carthage, IL

  • 24 compartment square ingredient bins totaling 47,360 cubic feet, 21 duct distributor and 6 duct distributor
  • 19 compartment square loadout bins totaling 25,776 cubic feet and 20 duct distributor
  • 255 cubic mixing capacity mixing system with one twin agitator paddle/ribbon mixer, surge hopper and conveyor, one 6,000 cubic foot/hour bucket elevator, one major scale hopper, one minor scale hopper, and one 100-ton finished feed cleaner
  • 22 galvanized 10-gauge ingredient screw feeders
  • Micro ingredient system with 14 2.8 and 14 5.6-cubic-foot poly hoppers with auger


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