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New feed additive, equipment products released in 2022

Preview 15 new feed industry innovations introduced in the past 12 months, including new equipment and feed additives.


15 innovations introduced to the feed industry in the past 12 months

Appetein Apc


  • A unique granulated plasma ingredient that reduces dust and improves flowability when adding to other ingredients or for top-dressing special diets
  • Composed of pure porcine albumin and globulin proteins, preserving all the biological characteristics
  • A high-quality protein source with numerous applications
  • Provides animal welfare and intestinal health

Cravings Apc


  • An enzymatic hydrolyzed protein with specific characteristics for pet food, used in formulations either inside or outside the kibble
  • Contains highly digestible amino acids and a 70% of bioactive proteins
  • Highly soluble, proven attractant and increases preference and intake
  • Considered whenever the formulation calls for enhanced palatability, high functionality and rigorous quality specifications.

Peptein ApcPEPTEIN | APC

  • Hydrolyzed hemoglobin obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis of porcine protein under the best quality standards
  • A source of highly digestive peptides, free amino acids, and bio-available iron
  • Ideal ingredient for mixed species feed manufacturing lines, containing 85% of protein
  • Used in farmed and non-farmed animals’ diets, to improve their performance

Hi Phorius Dsm

HiPhorius | DSM

  • New, fourth-generation phytase
  • Increased phosphorus digestibility and lower environmental emissions
  • Improved thermostability
  • End-to-end digital services for intelligent phytase nutrition

Acitra Cg2 Na Eastman

Acitra CG2 Na | Eastman

  • Formic-lactic acid-based blend designed to acidify feed and consequently the stomach of pigs and the stomach and crop of poultry
  • Dry, free-flowing powder with a silicon dioxide carrier allowing for easy handling

Gbm Performant Eastman

GBM Performant | Eastman

  • Highly concentrated fat-coated butyric acid for swine and poultry diets
  • Butyric acid can improve gut barrier function, immune status and microbiome balance
  • Higher butyric acid concentration delivers more butyric acid per pound of product, allowing for lower inclusion rates and lower formulation cost

Enzyme Innovation 1

DigeGrain Delta | Enzyme Innovation

  • Powerful blend of five pellet heat-stable enzymes for monogastric animals fed with corn-soy diet
  • Saves up to 30 cents per animal
  • Eliminates separate use of phytase
  • Improves feed conversion ratio and average daily weight gain

Format Solutions

Feed Mill Manager with PanatrackerGP from Panatrack | Format Solutions

  • Inventory control made easy: Manufacture animal feed and pet food and immediately capture inventory available for put-away or order picking
  • Take control: Automate accurate material movements through the feed mill via bar code scanning
  • Avoid the paper piles and guesswork: Update inventory data in one centralized database, including lot numbers, for easy inventory control
  • Streamlined loadout process: Direct order picking personnel to warehouse storage location

Myco Marker Innovad

Myco-Marker | Innovad

  • Patented, animal-driven mycotoxin diagnostic and biomonitoring service that determines the true mycotoxin risk and exposure to animals and assesses the impact of mycotoxins on animal performance and health
  • Specific to each farm
  • Discover the true mycotoxin exposure in your own animals

Maxilys | Innovad

  • Unlocking more energy from your feed
  • Maximize your energy value

Cantilever Reclaim System Laidig SystemsLarge-diameter Cantilever Reclaim System | Laidig Systems Inc.

  • Designed to accommodate a wide range of material applications in flat-bottom structures (soybean meal, corn meal, DDGS and more)
  • Can be custom-tailored for hydraulic or electric, with single or dual augers
  • Allows for fully automated storage and reclaim with low maintenance

Nuqo Nex


  • Combines metabolites from plants and marine algae (phytogenics and phycogenics), and acts synergistically to improve digestibility and performance
  • Sustainable solution to support gut health, improve feed efficacy and boost performance of broilers. Its impact on digestibility can also help to reduce feed costs.
  • Produced with an exclusive technology of micro-encapsulation that protects active ingredients for a high stability and optimal release in the gut, for an optimal cost
  • Consistent efficacy to improve performance of broilers in different regions of the globe and different types of formulations, for a high and consistent return on investment

Dos 7 Roxell

Dos7 | Roxell BV

  • Dispenser for automatic, individual feeding of sows
  • Set precise portions per dispenser
  • 100% feed outflow
  • Flexible number of feeding times
  • Easy to clean and quick to dry

Double Barrel Feed Conveyor Sudenga

Double Barrel feed conveyors | Sudenga Industries

  • Durability and horsepower requirements of a chain conveyor exceeds traditional feed auger benefits
  • Drive mounted at the tail or head of the conveyor, depending on the application
  • Modular system fits applications requiring inclines of up to 60 degrees
  • Double Barrel conveyor service life is superior to the service life of a similar capacity feed auger system

Rollermill Sudenga

Sudenga Rollermill | Sudenga Industries

  • Single, double and triple configurations available
  • Capacities up to 48 TPH at 500 microns
  • Roll gap automation and load compensating controls are available
  • Machine-matched, pillow block housing; self-aligning spherical roller bearings
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