Top 10 European animal feed companies

Of the 100 global animal feed manufacturers that met or exceeded 1 million metric tons of compound feed production in 2017, 28 are based in Europe, according to’s Top Feed Companies database.

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Of the 100 global animal feed manufacturers that met or exceeded 1 million metric tons of compound feed production in 2017, 28 are based in Europe, according to’s Top Feed Companies database.

Europe produced 79.3 million metric tons (mmt) of animal feed in 2017.

Read on to find out more about the top 10 animal feed producers in Europe in 2017. Click on the company’s name to get more information from’s Top Feed Companies database.


1. ForFarmers N.V.

ForFarmers N.V. is among Europe’s largest feed producers. ForFarmers produces and supplies regular and organic animal feed and commodities (such as arable and grassland management products) mainly in the cattle, pig, poultry and arable and contracting sectors. A network of subsidiaries and partnerships rounds out operations that include 42 production facilities in the Netherlands, Belgium, U.K. and Germany. In addition to compound feeds, ForFarmers’ feed division also includes minerals, additives, fertilizers and seeds. In 2017, ForFarmers produced 9.6 mmt of feed at its 42 feed mills.


2. Nutreco

Nutreco is a global powerhouse in aquafeed and animal nutrition, ranking among the top three of the global animal nutrition industry by revenue. Its two global company brands Skretting (aquafeed) and Trouw Nutrition (animal nutrition) have sales in more than 90 countries. In Spain, Nutreco is the top poultry producer under the brand Sada, the leading producer of compound feeds under the brand Nanta, and a major pig producer under the brand Inga. Additional subsidiaries dominate the premix and specialty feed markets in Europe (15 production facilities), the Americas (17 plants) and Asia (3 factories). The company also operates joint ventures in Venezuela and Egypt. In 2017, Nutreco produced 7.8 mmt of feed at 99 feed mills.


3. De Heus

De Heus in a global player in compound feed, premixes and concentrates for livestock and fish. Through its own operations as well as joint ventures and partnerships, the Dutch company is active in 75 countries, with production facilities in 15 countries. De Heus Group’s export department works under the name Koudijs. International joint ventures have been formed with: Nukamel in Belgium (milk replacer), MUB in Brazil, Koudijs Kapo Feed in Egypt, Alema Koudijs Feed in Ethiopia, and Mkorma in Russia (under the name Koudijs Mkorma). In addition to feed production, De Heus conducts research and offers consulting and business services. In 2017, De Heus produced 7 mmt of animal feed at 47 feed mills.


4. Royal Agrifirm Group

Royal Agrifirm Group is a major European agribusiness with several feed sectors, as well as activities in seeds, fertilizers and pesticides. Subsidiaries Agrifirm Feed, Agrifirm Belgium, Agrifirm Deutschland, Agrifirm Magyarorszag, Agrifirm Polska, Oldambt and Nuscience produce feed for all livestock species and specialty pets, with operations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Russia and China, among other countries. Royal Agrifirm produced 6.7 mmt of feed in 2017.


5. Agrifirm Feed

Agrifirm Feed is owned by Agrifirm Group, which was formed from the merger of subsidiaries of Dutch cooperatives. It operates and controls subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Belgium and Hungary. Agrifirm Feed produced 4.3 mmt of animal feed at nine feed mills in 2017.


6. Agravis Raiffeisen

Agravis Raiffeisen AG is a major European agricultural trade company with diversified operations and holdings that include animal nutrition. With an estimated 15 percent market share, it is Germany’s leading manufacturer of pig feed, and holds strong positions in bovine and poultry compound feed segments. The company’s goal is to reach EUR8 billion in turnover and EUR80 million of profit (before tax) in 2018. Agravis Raiffeisen produced 4 mmt of animal feed at 15 feed mills in 2017.


7. DLG Group

DLG Group runs most of its feed business through its Premix & Nutrition wing, Vilofloss Group. In recent years, DLG also has forged strategic partnerships with Agrial, a leading French agricultural firm, and PUAI Feed Group, to acquire additional market share in Europe and to enter China. A cooperative with 30,000 Danish farmers as owners, DLG is one of Europe’s largest agricultural companies. While shifting operations from a conglomerate model to a more focused business in Farm Supply, Premix & Nutrition (Vilofoss Group) and Service & Energy, DLG has also grown through other partnerships and joint ventures — such as HaGe in Germany and Svenska Foder in Sweden — in addition to DLG’s existing operations in Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Estonia. DLG Group produced 3.9 mmt of animal feed at 34 feed mills in 2017.


8. Avril/Sanders

Sanders is a major French feed supplier, now owned by Avril Group, which acquired Sofiprotéol in 2015. Avril divested its newly acquired broiler assets to the firm LDC later that year, arranging for Avril subsidiaries to supply LDC feed. In addition to feed, Avril subsidiaries are also involved in food, biofuels and oil. Animal nutrition, including feed, is among the core business areas in which Avril Group intends to invest in coming years. In 2017, Avril/Sanders produced 3.4 mmt of feed at 23 feed mills.


9. Veronesi

Veronesi, the feed division of Gruppo Veronesi, is Italy’s largest feed manufacturer with 25 percent domestic market share. Veronesi feed is sold through retail distribution chains and supplies farmers in the parent company’s other holdings, which include poultry and pork producer Agricola Italiana Alimentare (AIA) and pork producer Negroni. In addition to strong domestic sales, Veronesi has grown its European export business. Veronesi produced 3.2 mmt of animal feed at seven feed mills in 2017.


10. Danish Agro Group

Danish Agro operates feed mills in Denmark and across Scandinavia and the Baltic Sea region. The firm is also engaged in animal feed internationally through DLA group, in which it is invested with Vestjyllands Andel. Danish Agro Group is owned by some 10,000 Danish farmers and operates 100 subsidiaries in 16 countries. From its roots as a local cooperative in 1901, Danish Agro has grown to become an international player in the arenas of feedstuff mixes, ingredients and vitamin mixes, as well as fertilizer, crop protection and trading, seeds and energy. Danish Agro also runs an extensive chain of hobby and leisure retail outlets. The company’s overall goal is to grow 10 percent on average per year. In 2017, Danish Agro produced 2.8 mmt of animal feed.

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