Infographic: World’s top 10 animal feed companies

In 2016, 100 animal feed manufacturers worldwide met or exceeded 1 million metric tons of compound feed production.

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In 2016, 100 animal feed manufacturers worldwide met or exceeded 1 million metric tons of compound feed production.

The data used to compile this year’s Top Feed Companies ranking was derived from’s exclusive Top Companies database, which features market intelligence gathered by WATT Global Media’s research team. This annual report tracks the previous calendar year’s compound feed volumes for many of the major players in world animal protein production.

The leading 100 feed producers of 2016 manufactured 373 million metric tons of feed. As a percentage of the world compound production volume of 893.2 million metric tons, the Top 100 feed companies are responsible for producing 41.7 percent of total 2016 production.

The world’s top 10 feed companies together produce more than 135 million metric tons (mmt) of feed and are headquartered all around the globe:

  1. CP Group: 27.65 mmt
  2. New Hope Group: 20 mmt
  3. Cargill: 17.9 mmt
  4. Land O’Lakes: 13.5 mmt
  5. Wen’s Food Group: 12 mmt
  6. BRF: 10.5 mmt
  7. Tyson Foods: 10 mmt
  8. ForFarmers N.V.: 9.3 mmt
  9. East Hope Group: 7.6 mmt
  10. JA Zen-Noh: 7.2 mmt

To drill down deeper into the factors that shaped this listing, historical data and the company profiles of more than 200 feed producers worldwide, visit WATTAgNet’s full Top Feed Companies database.

2016 Top Feed Companies Infographic

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