JBS to build 3 new feed factories in Brazil

With a combined production capacity exceeding 1 million tons per year, these units will create more than 300 new jobs in the Southern region of the country.

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JBS is investing BRL$570 million (US$116.6 million) for the construction of three new feed factories located in the cities of Seberi, Santo Inácio, and Itaiópolis, all in the Southern region of Brazil. The investments aim to align the supply of inputs with the production capacity of business unit Seara, which has significantly expanded in recent years as a result of the company’s investment plan.

In total, these units represent an increase of more than 1 million tons per year in Seara’s feed production. In addition to strengthening the company’s production capacity in the poultry and swine segments, more than 300 jobs will be created with the start of operations at the factories.

“The new factories are equipped with the latest in automation and feature the highest available technology for input production. These investments demonstrate our continuous effort to expand our production capacity,” said João Campos, president of Seara. “By reinforcing our presence in these cities, we strengthen our commitment to the socio-economic development of the regions where we operate.”

Detailed investment breakdown

Santo Inácio, Paraná: With an investment of BRL$145 million, the new plant occupies an area of 11.3 thousand square meters, generating 80 new jobs. This facility will supply inputs for the processing capacity in the cities of Rolândia, Santo Inácio, and Jaguapitã in Paraná. Seara inaugurated two industrial units in Rolândia in 2023, considered among the most modern in the JBS group in Brazil.

Itaiópolis, Santa Catarina: The BRL$194 million investment in Itaiópolis aims to build a complex with two factories, totaling 13.8 thousand square meters. One unit focuses on feed production, scheduled for delivery in March 2024, supplying more than 200 integrated producers and more than 300 poultry farms in the region. The second is the premix factory, a crucial product for the nutritional quality of feed, concentrating all the necessary vitamins and minerals for animal nutrition. This investment will allow Seara to prioritize premix production, enhancing control over the final product’s quality. The installation will meet 100% of the business’s demand, generating a total of 120 new jobs in the two plants.

Seberi: The factory investment in Seberi reached BRL$230 million. Considered strategic for optimizing deliveries, reducing logistical costs, and fostering supplier loyalty, the facility led to the creation of up to 110 direct jobs.

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