Phytobiotics creates three new companies

Additions will strengthen market presence in Scandinavia, Russia, France

Phytobiotics Feed Additives GmbH (Phytobiotics), a global leading company in research, development and sales of high-quality feed additives for livestock and pets, has founded three new companies: Phytobiotics Nordic ApS, Phytobiotics Russia OOO and Phytobiotics France SAS. With the creation of these new companies, the market presence in Scandinavia, Russia and France will be strengthened.

The moves reflect Phytobiotics’ expansion path started in 2013. Apart from the main office in Germany, Phytobiotics owns independent branches and area management structures in St. Louis (USA, for Northern America), Londrina (Brazil, for Latin America), Bangkok (Thailand, for Southeast Asia) and a production and marketing location in Changsha (China), which also is responsible for East Asia.

“With our outstanding distribution partners, we are already represented in 74 countries of the world with our portfolio of feed additives, organic bound trace elements, flavors and sweeteners as well as products for biogas facilities,” said Hermann Roth, president and CEO of Phytobiotics. “To meet the growing demand for intelligent feed additives in Europe and Russia, it was time to establish new branches in these markets, where we see strong potential for further growth, in order to operate and support the local business in a targeted way.”