India poultry feed prices drop slightly in Haryana

Feed ingredient prices have remained stable since June 1

Poultry feed prices in the Indian state of Haryana have dropped as ingredient prices have held steady, according to reports, with 30-kilogram and 50-kilogram bags falling by Rs 10–20 (US$0.18–$0.36) on June 12.

Prices of almost all feed ingredients have been unchanged since June 1, said Subhash Sharma, financial head of Sarvottam Poultry Feed Centre Pvt. Ltd. Maize is at Rs 1,170 (US$20.98) per quintal, bajra is at Rs 1,080 (US$19.36) per quintal and fish oil is quoting at Rs 68 (US$1.22) per liter.

Prices of broiler concentrates feed and broiler starter mash have gone down by Rs 20 each and are currently quoting at Rs 1,560 (US$27.97) and Rs 1,240 (US$22.23) for a 50-kilogram bag, respectively. Broiler pre-starter concentrate 30 percent decreased by Rs 20 and is selling at Rs 1,370 (US$24.56) for a 30-kilogram bag, while layer concentrate has decreased by Rs 10 and is running at Rs 1,200 (US$21.51) for a 50-kilogram bag. Prices of pre-lay mash have eased by Rs 15 (US$0.27) and currently sit at Rs 800 (US$14.34), while broiler finisher is selling at Rs 1,220 (US$21.87) for a 50-kilogram bag, down Rs 20 from previous levels, according to reports.