40 new feed additive, equipment products released in 2022

2022 New Product Reveal highlights 40 new feed additive, feed processing equipment products released in the last 12 months.

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Wheatfeed pellets, pelleted compound feed on a white background
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The New Product Reveal showcases the latest innovations for feed production and formulations released during the past 12 months

Nexulin Adm

Nexulin | ADM

  • Proprietary technology to support dairy cows
  • Consists of a single active phytomolecule uniquely selected from nature
  • Aids dairy cows to have a more efficient lactation cycle when fed pre-partum through the first 120 days of lactation
  • Encapsulated with a patented technology that allows consistent delivery of the active compound

Phylox Amlan International

Phylox | Amlan International

  • Can be used in no-antibiotics-ever programs and has no withdrawal requirement
  • Will not promote the emergence of drug-resistant coccidia and is effective against multiple Eimeria strains
  • Can be fed concurrently with anticoccidial vaccines preventing disease breakthrough as immunity is being developed by the bird without interfering with vaccine efficacy
  • Synergistic blend of antiprotozoal phytochemicals with multiple modes of action

Mastercube Advance Anpario

Mastercube Advance pellet binder | Anpario P.L.C.

  • Formaldehyde-free, ultra-low inclusion binder, enabling flexibility by releasing nutritional space in dietary formulations
  • Specifically designed for aquafeed production (also suitable for livestock), providing a natural alternative to polymethyl carbamide (PMC)
  • Provides optimum stability for pelleted and extruded feed in water
  • Improves the efficiency of the whole milling process and maximizes pellet quality
  • Formulated from a unique blend of polysaccharide gums and mineral hardener

Fortrol Anitox

Fortrol | Anitox

  • Cost-effective Salmonella control for poultry and swine feeds and feed ingredients
  • Synergistic blend of high-grade organic acids and their salts in liquid form, applied at 2-8 kg/MT
  • Improves microbial quality of feed and feed ingredients. Reduces inbound challenge to the microbiome, supporting a healthy, productive gut
  • For use as a preventative or corrective action and a flush treatment to reduce risk of pathogen colonization in feed ingredient processing plants and feed mills

Pepteiva Apc


  • Hydrolyzed protein containing highly digestible peptides and free amino acids for all species
  • Improves intestinal health and is especially suited for use in pre-starters, milk replacers and feed for young animals
  • An ideal functional ingredient for piglet feeding in young ages and a high-quality protein in calf milk replacers
  • Contains 70% of highly soluble protein

Bewi Fatrix Lm 101 Bewital


  • Proven matrix-encapsulated combination of the first limiting amino acids methionine and lysine
  • Ease of use to start feeding of amino acids (2-in-1 product)
  • Ensures an optimal amino acid supply with reduced protein carrier use
  • Improves the protein efficiency and milk performance

Agriview Inventory Software Binmaster

AgriView | BinMaster

  • Automated inventory for everyone in ag using level sensors in bins and cloud software
  • Real-time levels and push text and email alerts on a phone or PC
  • Measure any solid or liquid, e.g. feed, grain, seed, fertilizer, fuels in bins or tanks
  • Integrated reporting and ordering for one or multiple locations

Feed Ordering Hub Bin Sentry

Feed Ordering Hub | BinSentry

  • Complete feed ordering solution built to increase supply chain visibility in order to increase efficiency and unlock cost savings
  • A reliable 3D sensor provides the most accurate feed inventory data, eliminating the need for workers to climb bins
  • An intuitive software platform automates feed monitoring and ordering processes providing actionable insights, notifications, suggestions and advanced reporting capabilities
  • Integrates with many of the leading software products that mills use today for efficient resource and production planning

Biostrong Fertile Delacon

Biostrong Fertile | Delacon Biotechnik GmbH

  • Improvement of semen quality in roosters
  • Increase in testosterone production
  • Increases the percentage of fertilized eggs
  • Enhancement in fertility and hatchability

A Sap Dpi Global

A-SAP | DPI Global

  • Safe, cost-effective solution to combat gastrointestinal (GI) tract health challenges while maintaining peak live production performance
  • Works enterically to promote gut health, immune function and animal performance
  • Improvements in feed efficiency have been consistently demonstrated in research trials
  • Provides an opportunity for feed cost savings in poultry and swine
  • Contains a proprietary blend of saponin-based technology that decreases the ammonia production associated with microbial fermentation

Smart Moisture Devenish Nutrition

SmartMoisture | Devenish Nutrition Ltd.

  • New-generation moisture management technology that contains a unique combination of esterified propionic acid to glycerol, organic acids and surfactants
  • SmartMoisture will increase moisture content while reducing water activity
  • Optimizes milling and extrusion processes by increasing throughput and reducing energy consumption
  • Improves feed quality by reducing microbial growth and improving pellet quality

Symphiome Dsm

Symphiome | DSM

  • First-of-its-kind precision biotic designed to precisely orchestrate microbiome metabolism
  • Optimizes the bird’s resilience to enteric stress
  • Aids in nutrient utilization and reduces emissions
  • Improves welfare

Entero Nova Mtb Eastman

Entero-Nova Bond MTB 400 G+ C | Eastman

  • A unique proprietary blend of a-monoglycerides of short- and medium-chain organic acids to support animal health
  • Has potent pathogen inhibition capabilities against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria throughout the GI tract with pH independent mode of action
  • Helps producers to reduce dependency on antibiotics and other prohibited substances like zinc oxide
  • Very favorable handling characteristics: free-flowing granules with no corrosivity or odor

Anta Shield Dr Eckel

AntaShield | Dr. Eckel Animal Nutrition

  • Specifically selected bioactive ingredients from plants proven to inactivate virus in trials
  • Proprietary complex (patent submitted)
  • Additional strategy for risk mitigation and feed security
  • Tasty in feed

Enzyme Innovation

BioSEB Trio | Enzyme Innovation

  • Pellet heat stable, low pH-stable, water stable spore-forming probiotics for monogastric animals
  • Reduces or eliminates pathogenic bacteria like Clostridium spp, E. coli & Salmonella spp. from gut
  • Reduces or eliminates antibiotic growth promoters use such as bacitracin methylene disalicylate
  • Improves feed conversion ratio and average daily weight gain

Ara Integra Mix Format Solutions

Ara Integra-Mix | Format Solutions

  • Formulation of multi-component products: Least cost optimization of complex, multi-component product formulations which share sub-formulas and optimize product design to reduce the number of components and increase plant productivity
  • Product designer: Dynamic creation of products with drag-and-drop design. Set up multi-component products to mirror manufacturing and optimize directly with interactive features.
  • Optimize ingredient resources: Minimize the cost impact of ingredient supply chain issues. Evaluate and plan optimal ingredient purchasing strategies
  • Include non-nutritional constraints: Optimize with additional constraints such as manufacturing, e.g. moisture yielding and labeling, e.g. claims and ingredient inclusion order

Aflocox Innovad

Aflocox| Innovad

  • 100% natural prevention of anticoccidial resistance
  • A novel tool toward the management of coccidial risk harnessing the synergetic power of selected plant bioactives
  • Only selected, tested natural ingredients capable of complementing or replacing anticoccidial drugs

Free Standing Silo Floor Kit Laidig Systems

Free-standing silo floor kit | Laidig Systems Inc.

  • Patented retrofit process eliminates unnecessary material loads that weren’t considered in the original silo design (U.S. Patent 10,766,719)
  • Can be constructed in either a freestanding flat floor or cone-bottom steel structure within the existing silo
  • Cost-effective way to retrofit and utilize older or unused storage structures
  • Ensures a solid, safe installation base for reclaim equipment

Mv Platinum Lallemand

MAGNIVA Platinum | Lallemand Animal Nutrition

  • Three unique bacterial strains and an enzyme package, new to the product line
  • Maximize dry matter, nutrient retention, feed digestibility and aerobic stability
  • Provides dominant fermentation and improves aerobic stability in a shorter time frame, offering more feed-out flexibility

Yela Prosecure Lallemand

YELA PROSECURE | Lallemand Animal Nutrition

  • Hydrolyzed yeast offers highly digestible and functional nutrients that support animal performance, digestive care and feed palatability while contributing to the feed protein balance.
  • Can be used in all animal species.
  • Controlled hydrolysis process is applied with the addition of specifically selected exogenous enzymes to the biomass, ensuring high nutrient digestibility and functionality while being reliable and volume available
  • Provides functional nutrients with a dual action in the upper and lower gut

Livalta Cell Psy Livalta

LivaltaCell PSY | Livalta, an AB Agri company

  • Enzymatically treated and sustainably sourced non-GMO yeast developed exclusively for pets
  • One solution with many potential functions, including palatability enhancer and maintaining gut health and immune system support

Mill Savor Kemin

MillSAVOR Liquid & Liquid Concentrate | Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health

  • Two milling efficiency products designed to improve the manufacturing of pelleted feed and feed ingredients
  • These innovative formulations include powerful surfactants which reduce surface tension in feed particles
  • Improves the overall efficiency of the pelleting process by increasing throughput and reduces energy use
  • Improves the quality of pelleting feed, the pellet durability index and starch gelatinization

Intel I Mag Magnetic Products

Intell-I-Mag | Magnetic Products Inc.

  • Next step in magnetic separation innovation and factory automation
  • First intelligent magnet to self-monitor ferrous metal saturation in real time and log system data
  • Real-time monitoring for peak magnetic performance
  • Customized reporting for quality compliance initiatives
  • Saturation level indicators

Magnesium Mica Micro Lite

Magnesium-Mica | Micro-Lite LLC

  • Natural lubricity lowers utility costs and causes more tons/hour through the pellet mill
  • Delivers better pellet quality, e.g. less cracking, less fines, less bin bridging and longer pellet life
  • Absorbent, yet holds structure, which allows it to flow more freely
  • Does not affect the calcium/phosphorous balance in feed formulas
  • Guaranteed analysis of 8% magnesium, 4% iron, and 1% potassium that prevents grass tetany

Mix Alive Mixscience

Mix Alive | Mixscience Asia

  • Regulates the gut microflora and promotes its biodiversity and benefits
  • Help to control the pathogenic pressure
  • Improves survival rates
  • Maximizes yield-challenging conditions

Nor Grape Nor Feed

Nor-Grape Liquid | Nor-Feed

  • Natural and liquid antioxidant formulated on standardized grape polyphenols
  • Compensates for oxidative stress, potentiate antioxidant defenses to improve egg and meat quality and increase immune defenses
  • Provides agility to farmers with a liquid solution to be used around critical period such as starter, vaccination, weaning, heat stress and transfer
  • Used as an ingredient for the formulation of other liquid products

Ruminer 60 Nutrion International

RUMINER 60 | Nutrion International SLU

  • Calcium salts, fatty acids; high palmitic and oleic acid
  • Palmitic-to-oleic ratio ideal for early lactation
  • Improved milk production, milk fat percentage and reproduction
  • Helps maintain body condition after calving

Palsack 03 Palamatic Process

PALSACK 03 High-flow bag packaging machine | Palamatic Process Inc.

  • Modular components to customize equipment for every application
  • High-flow double screw feeder — each dosing screw has its own motor for rapid control for increased rates and accurate dosing
  • Recipe management via the touchscreen programmable logic controller (PLC), batch traceability capable
  • Throughput up to 200 bags/hour

Gastrivix Perstorp

Gastrivix Avi | Perstorp

  • Supports animal performance by combining the benefits of valeric acid and butyric acid
  • Naturally occurring organic acids strengthen gut integrity
  • Harnesses the synergy between valeric and butyric acid esterified to ensure ideal release into the intestinal tract

Anigaia Phytogaia

AniGaia 20%OS | PhytoGaia Sdn. Bhd.

  • Potent plant-derived lipid antioxidant, tocotrienols
  • Phytonutrients and antioxidant for animal/livestock health, as well as for the feed’s shelf stability
  • Full-spectrum tocotrienols/tocopherol complex with measurable amount of other palm phytonutrients, such as squalene and phytosterols
  • Naturally extracted from sustainably sourced palm fruits via clean technology without the use of harmful solvents and chemicals, allowing a clean labeling platform for product differentiation

Hopper Bot Pneumat Systems

HopperBot intelligent railcar unloader | Pneumat Systems Inc.

  • Powerful robotic arm rapidly unloads sticky dry bulk materials like DDGS and meals from railcars
  • Eliminates hammering, prodding and other unsafe manual unloading activities
  • Low-profile design installs in most loadout facilities without expensive ceiling renovations
  • Boosts throughput and efficiency across your supply chain and production operations

Premier Tech 1RDL Depalletizer | Premier Tech

  • Simple way to eliminate potential unsafe operator situations where employees lift and manipulate bags 50 pounds and heavier
  • Depalletizing cell allows companies to reposition valuable labor to high-leverage tasks as opposed to exposing them to potential unsafe working conditions
  • Easy-to-operate touchscreen interface makes setup simple and effective
  • Based on standard and repeatable configurations

Bafasal G Proteon Pharmaceuticals

BAFASAL+G | Proteon Pharmaceuticals

  • Bacteriophage cocktail preventing Salmonella Gallinarum, Salmonella Enteritidis and Salmonella Typhimurium infections in poultry
  • Increases egg laying in commercial egg layers and egg laying and hatching in breeders
  • Improves FCR for enhanced production performance
  • No negative impact on the animal’s microbiome, natural, non-GMO and safe for humans and animals

Puree X Protix

Fresh PureeX | Protix

  • Minimally processed wet insect ingredient for animal feed and pet food, with all the benefits of proteins and lipids derived from the black soldier fly
  • Life cycle assessment data show outstanding sustainability scores as black soldier fly larvae require little space and water
  • Insects are part of the natural diet of many animals, and moving closer to this natural source of nutrition is essential
  • All the health benefits of insect proteins and lipids

Fortena Roxell

Fortena | Roxell BV

  • Chain feeding system for breeders in the production period
  • Chain with large open links takes up 25% less space resulting in less friction between the feed and the chain
  • Feed pellets remain intact, allowing hens to eat more easily and faster with less feed residue left behind
  • Easily accessible feed trough; the hens get to the feed more easily, which limits feed loss
  • Rounded edge results in less contact with the feed trough, which reduces feather loss

Neospectra Scanner Si Ware

NeoSpectra Scanner | Si-Ware

  • Wide spectral range (1,350-2,500 nm) supports accurate calibrations for many parameters
  • Large sample spot size for repeatable measurements of non-homogeneous sample types
  • Supported by the NeoSpectra Platform consisting of intuitive mobile apps, secure cloud portal and the NeoSpectra LabStore with thousands of prediction models available for trial and download
  • Ergonomic and rugged portable design with IP65 rating for long-lasting reliability in the field

Infinifeed Loop Conveyor Sudenga

Infinifeed loop conveyor | Sudenga Industries

  • Increased system capacity to optimize run time in larger livestock facilities
  • Robust chain design and job-sized drive combinations allow for longer conveyor runs
  • Multiple hopper and discharge options to fit varying applications
  • Continuous feed loop offers capacities to 1,800 BPH (2,200 CFPH)

Online Particle Size Controller Tietjen

Online particle size controller | Tietjen

  • Measures the particle size of free-flowing bulk solids inline, providing continuous, user-defined
    control of the grist spectrum between 160 and 6,000 µm
  • Ensures a consistent grist spectrum over time and across multiple batches or recipes, increasing grinding quality
  • Less raw material loss as deviations in the grinding quality are detected promptly and faulty batches are thus avoided or greatly reduced

Fitadrops Wisium

Fitadrops | WISIUM

  • Liquid blend of organic acids, phytogenic bioactives and esterified organic acids
  • Part of the company’s Acidulik brand
  • Can be added anytime if a problematic situation may occur
  • Guaranteed product intake, even during critical periods

Iso Ferm Rgb

IsoFerm | Zinpro

  • Proprietary blend of isoacids designed to enhance rumen function by directly feeding the fiber digesting microbes
  • Decreases dry matter intake by 2%, improves feed efficiency by 5.5%, increases energy corrected milk by 4.3%, according to the company
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