US feed industry comments on FDA regulation of veterinary medical food

Urges FDA to maintain current regulations

The American Feed Industry Association has encouraged the Food and Drug Administration to continue regulating veterinary medical food as “foods,” in comments submitted to the FDA. 

According to AFIA members, veterinary animal foods are formulated from recognized — either as a food additive or generally recognized as safe — animal feed ingredients to help manage a specific disease or condition under a veterinarian’s supervision. “These products have a long history of safe use and do not present any known animal health concerns,” said AFIA Vice President Richard Sellers. “For these reasons, AFIA believes that it is most appropriate for the FDA to continue to regulate veterinary medical foods as ‘foods’.” 

AFIA has proposed a national meeting, co-hosted by the FDA and a university affiliated with the American College of Veterinary Nutrition, to review how to best regulate veterinary medical foods. It has also urged the FDA to issue guidance with regard to its general enforcement policy on unapproved products. Public announcements of the agency’s position, rather than individual enforcements actions, would lead to a more level playing field and ensure that all stakeholders understand the FDA’s thinking and intentions, according to the statement.