Efficiency, the common theme at IFE

This edition of Feed Management is devoted to observations and reports from the 2011 International Feed Exposition organized jointly by the AFIA and the U.S. Poultry and Egg Association.

The decision to combine the two exhibitions was a masterstroke as the combined participation of manufacturers and suppliers has created synergy contributing to more productive use of time in contrast to attending two separate expos.

The presence of 900 exhibitors many offering equipment, products and services that overlap both poultry and feed production, represented a record. The decision by the organizers to cluster similar products in contiguous areas facilitated review of manufacturers and suppliers of services and consumables.

The attendance of over 20,000 visitors confirms the importance of the IPE/IFE as a world event attracting participants mainly from North and South America and the Pacific Rim. Dozens of exhibitors from the Americas, Europe and Asia attest to the significance of the combined IPE and IFE despite the proliferation of regional and national exhibitions during the past decade.

From the review of exhibits it is obvious that efficiency was the common theme. Manufacturers of milling, mixing and pelleting equipment dominated the large booths. Manufacturers from North America, the EU and China were represented with knowledgeable technical and sales people in attendance to provide information.

The range of ingredients and feed additives is attributable to the innovation of scientists and the application of biotechnology. Multinational and North American manufacturers promoted a wide range of enzymes, probiotics and prebiotics which enhance feed efficiency and contribute to sustainability. The adoption of these alternatives to antibiotic growth promoters was evident with many niche suppliers presenting products with the potential to improve profitability.

The organizers of the combined IPE/IFE, John Starkey and his team at the USPEA and Joel Newman President and CEO, Sarah Novak Expo Manager, of the AFIA are to be complemented on their planning and execution which resulted in a seamless exposition complemented by an educational program. The concurrent Pet Food Conference and the meeting of International Feed Regulatory Officials were beneficial to many attendees.

We look forward to an expanded and enhanced IFE in 2012, building on the success of the most recent event.