China feed output hits 181 million tons in 2011

Country is largest feed producer in world

China’s industrial feed output reached 181 million tons in 2011, with a total value of RMB 634.8 billion (US$100.65 billion), making China the largest feed producer in the world, according to Gao Hongbing, vice minister of China’s Ministry of Agriculture.

The last two years have seen rapid development for China’s feed industry. In 2010, China was the second largest feed producer after the U.S. In 2011, China ranked first. According to Hongbing, during the country’s 12th Plan period, China’s feed enterprises will be encouraged to grow bigger and stronger with government’s regulation and guidance; feed safety will be better guaranteed through government’s supervision and enterprises’ self-regulation; and the feed industry will be promoted to develop at a fast and healthy pace through innovation and remolding.