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Roxell is expanding its Fidos range for electronic sow feeding with Fidos farrowing, a smart dispenser. This feeding system stimulates milk production, as it allows for adjustments according to the individual feed requirements of a sow. This results in piglets that grow more consistently and reach a higher weaning weight. This smart dispenser can also be used in the insemination house.

The focus of Fidos farrowing is creating a fine-tuned eating process that stimulates milk production and keeps the sow at the right weight. Each individual farrowing pen is fitted with a cone-shaped dispenser. This design provides the best guarantee that the feed ration will fully drop from the dispenser and that the sows can eat stress-free, without having to wait.

Based on your settings, Fidos farrowing will begin feeding at intervals. The feed volume can be set on a feed curve, which can be individually programmed for each sow. The volume increases automatically and gradually, for fit and healthy sow at the end of the suckling period. Adjustments can also be made as needed, allowing individualized and precision feeding.

Another option is providing smaller rations at regular intervals in the farrowing house by increasing the daily feed volume, knowing that the sow will consume the extra feed. By feeding at regular intervals, the sow never feels as if she has overeaten and her energy and blood counts are stable. After every feed ration, the sow will drink, which means she will consume more water and ultimately produce more milk.