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Dr. Eckel Animal Nutrition has launched an innovative endotoxin specialist, AntaCatch Livestock. Endotoxin contamination can result in hoof infections, ear or tail necrosis, liver disease and diminished performance due to an overactive immune system. To help feed producers, farmers and animals combat endotoxins, the multidisciplinary team of experts at Dr. Eckel Animal Nutrition has spent two years of intensive development to produce the best available solution to endotoxins.

Farmers and producers can get the threat posed by endotoxins under control with this highly effective product. The Dr. Eckel development team took a two-pronged approach: the careful selection of raw materials to counteract endotoxins effectively, and the development of a unique process to activate AntaCatch.

The secret of AntaCatch’s success lies in this careful selection of raw materials and the production process due to which it is double-activated and has a triple mode of action. The product is activated through the rectification of the cations on its surface, enabling AntaCatch to immobilize endotoxins over a wide pH range, effectively catching up to 99% of the endotoxins; then, the micronized ingredients — i.e. substances that have a particularly small particle size — ensure optimal bioavailability. AntaCatch’s special triple mode of action kicks in simultaneously: it supports the formation of an intact intestinal barrier, contributes to the effective protection of the liver against endotoxins and thus promotes liver function.