BRI Xylamax xylanase feed additive

BRI Xylamax xylanase feed additive

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BRI Xylamax xylanase feed additive is a 1, 4-beta-xylanase enzyme to help producers economically deliver more high value protein in a safe and sustainable way. It breaks down non-starch polysaccharides (NSP’s), releasing valuable nutrients for digestion; reduces the viscosity of intestinal contents by more than 50 percent, facilitating digestion of nutrients; generates a consistent increase of 150 kcal/kg of apparent metabolizable energy (AME) in animals fed wheat diets and an increase of 130 kcal/kg AME in animals fed corn diets; and improves feed conversion rate (FCR) by 4 to 11 points in poultry feeding trials. It is intrinsically thermo-stable to at least 85C with 89 percent recovery after 25 seconds of conditioning (US, IPSF 2014).