Xylamax enzyme

BioResource International has launched its product Xylamax in Mexico.

  • BioResource International has launched its product Xylamax in Mexico.
  • Xylamax is a premium GH11 xylanase enzyme specifically designed to liberate the maximum amount of entrapped nutrients in poultry and swine diets.
  • Poultry and swine are only physically able to utilize about 85-90% of the energy in their diets; therefore, it is essential to target the natural indigestible portions to release those nutrients.
  • Xylamax targets the most commonly found fiber-based anti-nutritional factor found in animal diets to release entrapped nutrients and provide more energy to animals resulting in better meat or egg production.
  • This product provides up to a 50% increase in energy release compared with similar products in poultry and swine diets.
  • More than 70% of animal production cost is attributed to feed cost.
  • Therefore, adding the proper xylanase enzyme allows poultry and swine producers and nutritionists to minimize feed cost while producing similar or better performance. By doing this, they can provide more yield at a lower price.
  • Xylamax degrades arabinoxylans, the most abundant non-digestible anti-nutritional component of cell walls of common grains like corn, soy, sorghum and wheat.
  • Xylamax degrades these complex carbohydrates into smaller units that can be utilized by the animal.
  • By doing so, Xylamax increases the release of energy in the gut of the animal, as well as releasing some of the nutrients normally trapped within the complex xylan structure.
  • Xylamax, specifically developed for its ability to improve the efficiency of animal diets, enables nutritionists to reformulate diets for poultry and swine.
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