Exclusive U.S. distribution rights for NoxiFerm go to Brookside Agra

The product is an all-natural feed nutritional supplement for broilers and pigs

Brookside Agra has secured exclusive rights to distribute all-natural NoxiFerm™ feed supplement in the United States. Specifically formulated to improve average daily gain and feed efficiency in broiler chickens and pigs, NoxiFerm provides a synergistic blend of sodium gluconate and all-natural flavoring compounds containing polyphenols commonly found in herbs, fruits and vegetables.

Antioxidants are natural substances which protect the cells of the body from harmful and unstable molecules known as free radicals. The antioxidants in NoxiFerm, three times as potent as pure Vitamin E, work to stabilize those free radicals and improve animal health. Sodium gluconate promotes the production of short chain fatty acids which are used as an energy source for the animal, and also increases intestinal villous height and crypt depth which works to improve production results.

“We are really excited about having sole distributor rights for this all-natural and proven effective product in the U.S.,” said Bill Bayless, Vice-President of Business Development at Brookside Agra. “The supporting research data is strong. We believe NoxiFerm will have a positive impact on the financial bottom-line for broiler producers and pork producers.”

In a recent trial with two broiler groups, one fed NoxiFerm and the other regular feed, the NoxiFerm-fed broiler weighed an average of 72 grams more than the control broiler after 10, 21 and 35 days.  On average, the NoxiFerm-fed broiler also consumed 6.7% less feed than the control broiler.

In a similar farm trial on 52 control piglets and 52 NoxiFerm-fed piglets, the average weight of the control piglets was 11.50 kg after 21 days, while the NoxiFerm-fed piglets boasted an average weight of 12.40 kg during the same time period.

NoxiFerm’s effect will be seen in the animal by:

  • Stimulation of the immune system
  • Improved health conditions
  • Improved production results
  • Reduced use of antioxidants such as Vitamins E and C
  • Reduced heat stress
  • Supported high feed intake during hot environments 

Patent-pending NoxiFerm is a dry, fine granule product that is simply added to feed. It has no risk of corrosion and has a shelf life of two years from the date of production.