DuPont’s Dr. Bill Feehery speaks at Agrivision 2015

The president of Industrial Biosciences presented his talk: 'Bridging the Gap Through Science, Collaboration and Transparency'

DuPont Industrial Biosciences President, Dr. Bill Feehery, discussed the interconnected and complex challenges of feeding a larger, wealthier population in his talk “Bridging the GapThrough Science, Collaboration And Transparency” at Agrivision 2015 in mid June.

His speech covered the importance of identifying the gaps between:

  • What is needed and what is produced
  • Emerged vs. emerging markets; growing wealth as well as growing population
  • Where we are today and where we need to be

Dr. Feehery also discussed the contribution that companies like DuPont can bring ‘to the table’, through science, to address these challenges, and the fact that collaboration and transparency are key to success.

Specifically, he looked at the need to:

  • Transfer knowledge locally and globally, which DuPont achieves via its 150+ research and application labs around the world  and 13 Innovation Centers.
  • Communicate transparently via tools such as DuPont’s Food Security Index, an annual survey on the state of food security in 109 countries across three internationally recognized dimensions: Accessibility, Affordability, and Quality & Safety that is produced with the Economist’s Intelligence Unit.
  • Achieving commercial sustainability for producers/achieving sustainable growth with new innovations such as probiotic/enzyme combinations  that help producers reduce in-feed antibiotic use while also improving profitability.
  • Using resources more efficiently, reducing environmental impacts and increasing productivity worldwide – using the lessons learnt in agricultural, food and feed  industries to develop sustainable and scalable innovations in  numerous energy sectors, both traditional and renewable,  and driving energy efficiency solutions with consumers and industry,
  • Investing in the bio-economy – DuPont’s new Iowa biofuels plant due to open in November this year will be powered by non-food corn stover, resulting in a 25 percent increase in ethanol production from existing acreage.

Andrew Harker, Global Business Leader of the animal nutrition division of DuPont Industrial Biosciences, commented: “We are delighted to collaborate with our business partner, Nutreco and continue our sponsorship of Agrivision into 2015. This event has evolved into an impressive and dynamic forum for animal protein industry leaders from across the globe to collaborate on the big issues and challenges, irrespective of geographical or competitive boundaries. DuPont remains committed to advancing scientific and technological research in support of more efficient and safer animal protein production. However we also recognise that the fostering of open, honest dialogue and collaboration within our industry, and with other stakeholders is also key to the industry’s future success.”

For more details of the full Agrivision program, please see the Agrivision 2015 website.