Da Bei Nong Group breaks ground on feed production site

New site in China will produce 240,000 metric tons of feed

Da Bei Nong Group recently broke ground on a 240,000-metric-ton feed production site in Loudi, Henan, China, according to a report provided by Smart Agriculture Analytics.

Total investment for the project is around CNY150 million (US$24 million).

Loudi is steadily growing its livestock industry. In 2014, the city was home to 5.62 million pigs and produced 170,000 cows, 80,000 metric tons of aquaculture, and 27,000 tons of eggs. The total value of the city’s livestock industry is worth CNY15.1 billion, which is about 60 percent of all agricultural value.

Da Bei Nong Group is a national livestock industry leader that specializes in feed, genetics, pig breeding, and livestock insurance.