Adisseo announces organizational changes

Guy Harari promoted

Adisseo announced that starting in January 2020, Guy Harari, former General Manager of the North and Central America Region, is taking on new global responsibilities for the France based company. Harari has been promoted to Senior Global Director.

During this 37 years with Adisseo, Harari has occupied a series of strategic and management roles and will now be joining the decision-making group responsible for the continuous growth of the company. The role of Senior Global Director will include three strategic areas: development of medium and long-term strategies for key countries, merger and acquisitions projects in the Americas, and scouting new technologies and startups in the Americas in the animal nutrition space.

Regional restructuring

As of January 1, 2020, the former North and Central America (NCA) region has been split into two parts. The North America region (NA), consisting of the United States and Canada, will be led by Jeremy Painter, North American Regional Director. The Latin America region (LA), consisting of Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean will be led by Roger Solitao, Latin America Director.