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FoodChain ID becomes certification body

The move will enable the company to conduct audits for GMP+ FSA across all species of animal agriculture.

FoodChain ID, a leading provider of feed and food safety services, has announced its approval as a certification body for GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance (FSA) certification. This new service will enable FoodChain ID to conduct global, independent audits for GMP+ FSA across all species of animal agriculture, further enhancing the safety of animal feed production and distribution, and subsequently, the food supply chain.

The GMP+ FSA standard, managed by GMP+ International, is globally recognized for its stringent feed safety requirements, which are based on ISO 22000, HACCP principles and feed industry best practices. GMP+ FSA certification covers various critical aspects of the feed supply chain, including feed production, distribution, transportation, storage and monitoring. By adding GMP+ FSA certification to its existing portfolio of feed certifications, such as FAMI-QS and FCA, FoodChain ID aims to provide comprehensive assurance to its clients.

Chetan Parmar, senior vice president for technical services in Europe and Asia at FoodChain ID, emphasizes the importance of ensuring confidence in animal feed safety and integrity at every stage of production. He highlights FoodChain ID's proven track record in certifications for the food supply chain and expresses the company's commitment to bringing GMP+ FSA certification to its clients.

Conor Kearney, CEO of FoodChain ID, underscores the crucial role of feed industry supply chain participants in ensuring the safety of the global food supply chain. He mentions that FoodChain ID's expansion of its feed certification portfolio, including the addition of GMP+ FSA certification, aligns with the company's mission of promoting a safe and transparent food supply.

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