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5 aquafeed firms jointly launch sustainable shrimp feed

Industry experts Förde Garnelen, Aquafeed Germany, Protix, neomar and Crusta Nova have joined forces to launch a new shrimp feed: SHR EX.

New black soldier fly-based shrimp feed replaces marine proteins with locally produced protein from a circular process

Industry experts Förde Garnelen, Aquafeed Germany, Protix, neomar and Crusta Nova have joined forces to launch a new shrimp feed: SHR EX. The feed has been exclusively designed for the needs of European land-based shrimp farms as they increasingly move toward greater sustainability. SHR EX replaces marine proteins with locally produced insect protein from a circular process. The product, which will be sold by Aquafeed Germany, is not only more sustainable, initial research also shows a significant improvement in shrimp growth and survival rates.

Shrimp consumption is growing across the globe. Traditional sea farming faces challenges such as the depletion of natural resources for feed, environmental destruction, disease and the use of antibiotics, coupled with issues arising from complex transport chains. Land-based farming, away from coastal areas, is a sustainable alternative, built around the concept of local production. It improves the growth and survival rate of shrimp and maintains shrimp welfare. However, it requires feed tailored for the demands of the shrimp and its farmers. Land-based shrimp producers increasingly want to create feed produced with locally sourced ingredients in response to growing consumer demand for sustainability. Moreover, the feed needs to be healthy and taste good.

The partners worked closely together to develop SHR EX, using the black soldier fly produced by Protix in the Netherlands as the insect protein source. Crusta Nova and Förde Garnelen are implementing insect meal in their specially developed land-based shrimp feeds for the first time in Europe.

Dr. Bert Wecker, CEO of neomar and Förde Garnelen, said: “The development of our own feed has brought a significant improvement in the growth and survival rate of our shrimp. At the same time, it allows us to obtain our raw materials from regional sources, making our local shrimp farming even more sustainable. The cooperation with Protix and the use of insect meal produced in Europe is an important strategic step on this journey.”

Michel van Spankeren, business developer at Protix, said: “Local farming makes best sense when you use local raw materials, preferably in circular production. Protix’s products enable the local circular economy to thrive.”

Dr Fabian Riedel, CEO and founder of Crusta Nova, said: “The use of insect meal is an important component within our circular economy concept. Our customers in B2B and B2C give us positive feedback and confidence that insect meal as a feed component has great potential in the near-term future.”

SHR EX heralds a major step towards the large-scale local supply of sustainable and healthy feed for shrimp farmed on land. This is just the beginning of an exciting future which will see further innovations. Through continued analysis and batch testing, the partners aim to increase the level of insect protein in the future and introduce further improvements to this specialist land-farmed shrimp feed.

This milestone has been reached only through a partnership approach and a shared mindset that values the power of earth’s natural resources. This collaboration across the value chain brings together multiple crucial innovations in shrimp farming and feed and means that consumers in Europe can now reap the rewards of sustainably farmed shrimp.

The new product marks an important industry milestone. Sustainability will increase in the years to come. David Otto, head of research and develop at Aquafeed Germany, said: “Protein availability for healthy and efficient aquaculture nutrition is one of the future global challenges.”

As leader in the industry, Protix is on a mission to rebalance the food system using insects, specifically the black soldier fly. The company is uniquely positioned to produce insects on an industrial scale and is preparing for major international expansion. A collaborative approach from the outset, cutting-edge technology, world-leading scientific research, and the inherent goodness of mother nature combine to deliver a natural, healthy and sustainable portfolio.

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