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Royal de Heus appoints Ton Hovers

Ton Hovers recently joined De Heus as Director Business Development Asia.

Ton Hovers recently joined De Heus as Director Business Development Asia. He has broad experience and knowledge in the international food and agriculture industries, especially in the animal nutrition sector in Asia. With his appointment, De Heus Asia strengthens its ambition to accelerate the growth of De Heus throughout Asia.

Hovers will be responsible for the procurement of micros (vitamins, minerals, amino acids and feed additives), coordination of De Heus Asia’s export activities and the development and implementation of strategic projects for De Heus Asia.

Born in a small village in the Netherlands, Ton Hovers obtained a Master’s degree in Agricultural Science from Wageningen University. Previously, he was COO for BEC Feed Solutions, a leading premix company in Australia. His experience also includes positions with Windmill Holland, Hendrix Voeders, Nordos International and Trouw Nutrition International. He was part of the team to set up the first premix factory for Nutreco/Trouw Nutrition in Jakarta, Indonesia, in 2008. He brings over 20 years of experience, knowledge and capabilities to setting up and developing businesses in Asia.

Speaking about his new position, Hovers said, “Royal De Heus is a strong entrepreneurial company with an ambition that motivates me, contributing to the further professionalization and agricultural development of the independent farmers in Asia. I look forward to putting into practice all my agricultural knowledge and experience to create added value in new nutritional categories and regional areas and to get access to these new territories.”

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