Feed supplements at IPPE: Oregano increases poultry’s vitality

At the world's largest trade show for poultry husbandry IPPE at the end of January 2018 in Atlanta, USA, the German exhibitor Dostofarm will be presenting its current product range DOSTO Oregano.

The company is known as the leading manufacturer of aroma premixes and feed supplements with natural oregano from an exclusive contracted cultivation. Because of its high active ingredient content, the DOSTO Oregano plant has proven its worth with layer hens, broiler chickens and turkeys.

Dostofarm offers different products in powder and in liquid form for premix manufacturers, feed mills and for on-farm use. Solutions for drinking water application are available as well. The aromatic additive improves the palatability of the provided feed, resulting in higher daily gains and end weights as well as an improved feed conversion. Particularly in the first days of life, when changing feeds and before slaughtering, sufficient feed intake and conversion is important.

Because of the frequently observed greater vitality of the animals as well as the positive effects e.g. after Histomoniasis infections (blackhead), both conventional and organic farms choose this solution.

The phytogenic, purely herbal feed additive develops its effect particularly in the gastrointestinal tract, where many health problems are focused. Moreover, consistent use up until slaughtering is allowed by the feed legislation of many countries. Undesirable side effects are not known, and the flavour of the animal product also remains unaffected.

Dostofarm advertises its special production process from the seed through to processing, and places great value on the resulting constant high active substance level. More information under www.dostofarm.com on the Internet.