Amlan International's NeutraPath is a natural pathogen control product for antibiotic-free production that uses multiple modes of action to increase livability and improve feed conversion. Using a proprietary and co-active blend of essential oils, fatty acids and Amlanโ€™s proprietary mineral technology, NeutraPath reduces pathogenic bacterial load and colonization, and improves intestinal health and structural integrity, all of which contribute to improved performance and increased production yields. 

NeutraPath can be used to protect the intestinal health of all livestock species. The Journal of Animal Science recently published a study by UC Davis researchers on the effects of NeutraPath in weaned pigs challenged with enterotoxigenic E. coli. NeutraPath reduced the incidence of severe diarrhea, enhanced feed efficiency during the last week of the study and modified fecal and ileal mucosa microbiota diversity. 

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