CP Foods selected as DJSI member for 8th consecutive year

CP Foods selected as DJSI member for eighth time

Showed strong performance in six areas

Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company (CP Foods) is selected as a member of Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) for the eighth year, with outstanding performance in 6 areas–innovation management, human rights, health and nutrition, packaging, customer relation management and information security/cyber security and system availability–that affirms the company’s leadership in the food industry in terms of responsibility for the economy, the environment and society.

Prasit Boondoungprasert, chief executive officer of CP Foods, said that the company this year demonstrated outstanding performance in all 3 sustainability pillars–economic viability and governance, social equity and environmental protection. CP Foods scored 100 in innovation management, human rights, health and nutrition, packaging, customer relation management and information security/cyber security and system availability, reflecting the company’s commitment to sustainably grow business across the supply chain so as to best satisfy consumers, business partners and employees.

On environmental dimension, CP Foods has adhered to the circular economy concept in managing and utilizing resources for maximum efficiency. Digital technology has been embraced in the production, to ensure international-standard food safety and food security. Meanwhile, renewable energy in the forms of biogas and solar power (solar rooftop, solar farm and floating solar) has been promoted.

On social dimension, CP Foods performs outstandingly in treatment of employees as well as human rights, following the company’s determination and goal to promote human rights within the organization and extend the knowledge about good corporate citizenship and occupational health and safety to suppliers and business partners. Behind these actions, CP Foods aims to achieve world-class excellence.

“That we have been selected a DJSI member for 8 years reflects our responsible operations across the supply chain in all businesses. From upstream to downstream, our operations have followed international standards and consumer trends, to achieve sustainable growth and drive ourself towards a sustainable kitchen of the world,” Prasit said.

The scores echoed CP Foods’ aspiration and all departments’ contribution to materialize the “CPF Sustainability in Action 2030 Strategy” and take part in the global push for urgent climate change mitigation. CP Foods sets the goal to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in 2050. Under the goal, CP Foods will follow the Bio-Circular-Green Economy (BCG) concept and will stop using coal in 2022. While renewable energy will be further promoted, CP Foods vows to conserve and rehabilitate biodiversity by joining the world in protecting 30% of terrestrial and ocean areas by 2030.



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