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BESTMIX Software opens new offices

Bestmix Software holds event to celebrate opening new offices.

Holds four-day international event

Following a successful rebranding from Adifo into the BESTMIX Software Company and lots of hard work, the BESTMIX company opened its brand new office building in Maldegem, Belgium. This was an ideal timing to invite customers, partners, friends in business and colleagues from all around the world to come over and spend valuable time together. BESTMIX set together a 4 days’ program full of inspirational workshops, trainings, customer testimonials etc. Expert speakers–with more than 180 years of industry experience all together–shared insights on current trends, how to make the right purchase decisions in disruptive times, how to manage allergens in food production, how to handle and maintain product specifications, labels and much more.

The information week was closed by an opening reception and team party.

Customer testimonials

During the workshop week, Andreas Fischer, CEO and owner of Granovit (Switzerland), explained how the implementation of BESTMIX Feed formulation, ERP, Quality Control and Customer care portal has been a game changer for the future of his company.  Andreas highlighted: “Why Bestmix? Well, we really needed to find a new and future-proof ERP solution that helped us accelerate digitalization internally and externally. We care a lot about our customers and this new solution was aimed to help them be more efficient as well. BESTMIX was the best fit.”

Bob Meyers, IT Business Partner Operations at Johnsonville Sausages (US) explained the advantages of using BESTMIX software solutions to improve the quality and efficiency in sausage production.  He zoomed in on the usage of software on the production floor; fresh meat facilities & in cooked meat facilities and explained why it is essential to have a central tool to manage and maintain all sausage recipes for the entire globe and how important it is to have BESTMIX procurement management installed to be able to buy the right meat at the right time.

First reveal of new software

Trends and market evolutions in both animal feed and human food production are closely tracked by the BESTMIX product management team. Inspired by what is going on in the world, by requirements from customers, by legislation, etc. new functionality is constantly added to the software. BESTMIX’ product managers and consultants shared their insights on current and future developments. At the Information and workshop week, Lynn Verstrepen, head of BESTMIX product management, revealed the highlights of the newest version of the BESTMIX software.

Kick off BESTMIX User group

During this international user event, a BESTMIX user group has been established, with the aim to shape the BESTMIX products together with our customers. This group will  gather at regular times to discuss all kinds of topics that support the mutual growth of BESTMIX and its users and to find optimum ways to deal with current and future trends and challenges. They  will also look into ways to extend BESTMIX products with data science and AI capability, to define smart cloud strategies, to intensify growth, etc. All of this supported by a newly established BESTMIX academy. The participants liked this great networking experience and recognized the added value of providing their input and being at the center of product development.

Sustainability in feed formulation

Today, the key requirements of feed optimization are two-fold: adequate nutritional content and minimum possible cost (or maximum profit). The focus on these important factors will remain, yet a third dimension—environmental impact—is gaining much more importance moving forward. Our industry needs answers to the environmental impact issues. That is exactly why BASF and BESTMIX Software partner on optimizing feed formulation, supporting a more sustainable animal protein production.  The BASF Opteinics team presented this partnership at the BESTMIX opening week.

Same location, brand new building

The event week was closed with a grand opening reception followed by a team party. The staff is proud to be working in such an inspiring environment and is looking forward to many more exciting things to come.

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