Tonisity hires François Jankowski

François Jankowski joins Tonisity as sales manager for France.

Jankowski brought onboard as Sales Manager for France  

Tonisity, a cutting-edge company bringing innovative swine nutrition, health and wellness products to market, is growing its team with the addition of François Jankowski, as Sales Manager for France.

François lives in Rennes, France and has over 20 years of experience in a variety of roles relating to animal health and nutrition. Joining Tonisity, he will be responsible for commercial activities in France, supporting the network of distributors and customers.

François is a DVM, who graduated from Nantes Veterinary School in France. After several years working in veterinary practices, he spent eight years in the animal health industry in charge of the development of new pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines, specializing in pigs and ruminants. He carried out many international clinical trials in the field, for several large pharmaceutical companies in the industry, including Novartis and Schering Plough.

Following this role, François switched to business development positions in French companies Phytosynthese and Medria, to sell directly on farms or by using a network of resellers; phytotheray specialties, hygiene products and monitoring devices in France and North European countries. He specialized in developing the sales of innovative products and disruptive concepts in the dairy and pig sector.

“Tonisity is a company I have been aware of for some time,” said Jankowski, “its disruptive technology, in using isotonic protein drinks as a targeted feeding approach to feed the intestine of small pigs, leads to long-term benefits for the pigs, across all birth weights.” “I am looking forward to working with producers, to highlight the variety of benefits, maximize this opportunity and generate a profitable return of investment for them.”

“We are excited to have François join our team. He brings a wide range of knowledge and experience to the role and will be an asset for us in delivering our sales strategy in France,” said Mathieu Cortyl, General Manager for Europe and Asia at Tonisity.



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