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AAFCO welcomes new executive assistant and event planner, Melissa Kunze

Melissa Kunze joins AAFCO as executive assistant and event planner.

Kunze’s vast experience to be an asset to team

AAFCO welcomes Melissa Kunze to its team. Kunze was born and raised in central Illinois before attending the University of Arizona, where she earned her BS in business administration and marketing. She then relocated to Ann Arbor, Michigan, where she spent 10 years in the automotive industry as an executive assistant and corporate event planner. Kunze returned to Illinois in 2019 and joined FASS as the AAFCO executive assistant and event planner in July of 2020. Kunze’s vast experience in many areas will be helpful to not only the AAFCO Board of Directors, but also to all of our members and stakeholders.

Kunze’s major strength areas include

  • Committee organization,
  • Event planning,
  • Budget preparation,
  • Travel planning and expense management, and
  • Volunteer coordination and communication.

We feel very lucky to have Kunze as part of the AAFCO team and are looking forward to using her strengths to move AAFCO forward.

Please feel free to reach out to Kunze to introduce yourself and to discuss what AAFCO is doing and can do for you.



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