9th International Poultry Forum (IPFC) date set

Dates set for 9th International Poultry Forum.

Theme is “Innovative and progressive poultry industry” 

The COVID-19 epidemic has swept the world this year, with the global poultry industry facing the outbreak and seeking development in the crisis. In order to ensure continuity and safety of the supply chain, Chinese poultry industry companies through self-help in the outbreak has found solutions to survive in the crisis. At the same time, the outbreak has also enhanced thehttp://thepoultrysite.com public safety awareness of enterprises, and improved the risk management response. 2020 is also the year of the implementation of China’s feed regulations on no-antibiotics, China’s poultry industry is looking for the development of the future under the double pressure.

The 2020 International Poultry Industry Forum’s theme is “Innovative and progressive poultry industry”, focuses on the future of sustainable development of the poultry industry. 

With the theme on Innovation & Progress, IPFC 2020 will come as scheduled.

  • Poultry Industry Future Development and the New Situation of International Trade
  • China Poultry Crisis Management and Competitiveness Analysis
  • Poultry Food Supply Chain Optimization and Expanding Opportunities
  • Feed Strategy under the Rules of Non-antibiotics and Antibiotics Resistance
  • Trends in Digital Technology and Facilities Upgrading in the Poultry Industry

Registration is now open. Go through http://forumpoultry.guojixumu.com/eng/index.aspx?id=22 for registration and more details. Or email to [email protected] for any questions.

(9th) International Poultry Forum China 2020


Innovation & Progress

Organizer Poultry International China – LyJa Media

Partner:  WATT Global Media

Supporter:  World’s Poultry Science Association; National Poultry Industry Branch CAAA

Date August 7th – 8th, 2020

Venue: Jinan City, Shandong Province

Web www.poultrychinaforum.com

Audiences who will be invited

International broiler and layer breeding companies, large-scale broiler and layer production companies, integrated poultry food companies, international food and catering enterprises, international and domestic equipment suppliers, animal health suppliers, retailers and supermarkets, etc.

CP Group, New Hope Group, Yukou Poultry, Yisheng Livestock and Poultry Breeding, Huayu Agricultural Science, Sunner Development, Shandong Minhe Animal Husbandry, Wens Group, Tyson Foods Inc., Cargill Inc., Ningxia XiaoMing Agricultural and Animal Husbandry, Hong Xuan Agriculture Group, Shuanghui Group, Henan Huaying Group, Jiangsu Yike Group, Shandong SpringSnow Food, Fovo Foods, Nine-alliance Group, Shenyang Huamei Livestock and Poultry, Wellhope Agri-Tech, Jinghai Poultry, Shanxi Daxiang Farming Group, Hunan Xiang Jia Husbandry, Jiangsu Lihua, Yihao Foods, Sundaily Farm, Beijing DQY Agriculture, Walmart, Metro, KFC, McDonald’s, and so on.

Co-current Events:   6th Poultry CEO Salon (invited only), 6th, August ; 

Intelligent poultry show


For life event:

  • USD 142 / person before June 30
  • USD 199 / person from July 1 till July 31
  • USD 285 / person after August 1

VIA: http://www.poultrychinaforum.com/eng or email to [email protected]

Conference: 9:00 – 18:00   August 7th – 8th ,2020

Registration: 14:00 – 20:00   August 6th

  • For virtual event:
  • USD 142 / person 
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