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InVivo Labs and AdGène form strategic union

InVivoLabs, the analytical division of InVivo NSA, and AdGène, an expert laboratoryin molecular biology in France, have announced their strategic union.

InVivo Labs, the analytical division of InVivo NSA, and AdGène, an expert laboratory in molecular biology in France, have announced their strategic union. This transaction allows InVivo Labs to reinforce its analytical portfolio related to food safety and traceability. Moreover, it positions the new group as a significant player in the high potential growing market of bioanalyses.

Specialists in physical-chemical and microbiological analyses, InVivo Labs operate in the market segments of agriculture, food and beverage, nutraceuticals and cosmetics. The company offers a wide range of analytical services specific to each link of the food chain and guarantees the safety and traceability of foods in France and internationally.

The high-level expertise, the quality of the laboratories and the global dimension of the new group benefit from the resources of the parent company, InVivo Animal Health and Nutrition (InVivo NSA), a world leader itself in its sector. The union will strengthen the parent company’s position as a leader in France, and internationally in the growing business of analyses, which represents over 10 billion euros in revenues worldwide and has significant growth potential.

Thanks to this strategic move, InVivo Labs will now be capable of offering a substantial and high-performance range of molecular biology analyses with the recognized expertise of AdGène in two core and major market segments. First the food and beverage segment with accredited analyses for GMOs, and second that of environmental analyses. Based in Normandy, the AdGène laboratory employs 20 people and has experienced strong, consistent turnover growth, demonstrating its ability to respond to market needs in terms of quality, costs and turn-around time.

The excellent reputation of AdGène and its top-level technical and R&D expertise, combined with the international scope of InVivo Labs, will give the new group a full range of quality performance analyses in the high-potential markets of molecular biology and environmental analyses.

On the sales side, the union of the two labs will reinforce skills, the overall sales network and resources. It will also grant the companies the means to ensure and guarantee high quality and prompt client service.

Véronique Guérif, Managing Director of InVivo Labs, says, “The acquisition of AdGène completes the InVivo Labs analytical services and brings recognized skills and high-tech know-how in the growing markets of molecular biology and bioanalyses. Furthermore, AdGène’s expertise in this technology clearly represents a real strategic opportunity for growth for InVivo Labs and its parent company InVivo NSA.”

Louis-Marie Rocque, Founder and Technical Director of AdGène, adds, “The union with InVivo Labs is a great opportunity for AdGène. It gives our laboratory the means to reinforce our position as experts in our market segments, to increase our notoriety and to enable our international development in the short to medium term.”

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