InVivo Animal Nutrition & Health and Jeil Feed extend their cooperation

Underthis one-year-agreement, InVivo NSA is providing knowledge, assistance andtechnical support to Jeil Feed.

Under this one-year-agreement, InVivo NSA is providing knowledge, assistance and technical support to Jeil Feed. A renewed strategic cooperation which allows the leading Korean feed producer to strengthen its know-how in animal nutrition thanks to InVivo NSA high level of expertise. The new contract has been signed by Ha Un Yoon, CEO of Jeil Feed, and Hubert de Roquefeuil, CEO of InVivo NSA, on April 15 in Daejeon, South Korea.

Two major companies in animal nutrition

InVivo Animal Nutrition and Health, the French based company, ranks among the leader in its activity sector with a turnover of USD1.6 billion has a presence in 28 countries with 72 production units and 6 830 employees. InVivo NSA operates in 5 activities: complete feed, premix and services, feed additives and ingredients, analysis laboratories and animal health.

Recognized for its R&D and zootechnical know-how, InVivo NSA benefits from 60 years of expertise in animal nutrition. The company has notably strengthened its petfood activity with the recent acquisition of the 3rd player in Brazilian petfood market: Total Alimentos.

Jeil Feed, the major South Korean animal feed manufacturer, produces 1.4 million tons of feed per year with a turnover of USD 535 million. The company, which recently invested in a petfood plant in Korea, belongs to the Harim Group, the South Korean leading industrial player operating in poultry production.

A key partnership focusing on designing innovative, efficient and sustainable solutions

InVivo NSA is a well-known specialist in the field of animal nutrition and health: development of innovative solutions, formulation for animal feed, characterization of raw materials, implementation of R&D trials and protocols zootechnical assistance.

After two years of collaboration, Jeil feed continues to develop more its know-how in these areas in order to better address stakes of the future for agriculture. In this context, the company would strengthen the efficiency of its production systems by improving performance for farmers and company alike.

Driven by these objectives, the Korean leader in animal feed has chosen InVivo NSA to advise them in foreseeing market trends and to help the company in designing innovating, efficient and sustainable solutions. InVivo NSA will also provide zootechnical assistance tailored to meet the specific needs of Jeil feed, notably in petfood sector thanks to the historical and recognized know-how of InVivo NSA strengthened by the recent acquisitions. This new services contract is characterized by a strong involvement of its international experts to share best practices and know-how to Jeil Feed teams. This support should allow Jeil Feed to better answer to the stakes of Korean livestock industry over the coming years.

According to Hubert de Roquefeuil, CEO of InVivo Animal Nutrition and Health: “This renewed services agreement confirms the ability of InVivo NSA to provide tailor-made value-added services and zootechnical assistance to major and non-competitors animal nutrition and health players, such as Jeil Feed.”

Doctor Jin Park, Pig Species Manager for Jeil Feed added: “After a two-year successful cooperation, Jeil Feed decided to reiterate his trust into InVivo NSA zootechnical expertise. Thus, we seize the opportunity to work hand in hand with its international animal nutrition experts in order to enhance our know-how in R&D and innovation”.

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