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Alltech acquires Coppens International

Alltech has acquired Coppens International, a leading international aquatic feed solutions company in the Netherlands.

Alltech has acquired Coppens International, a leading international aquatic feed solutions company in the Netherlands.

Coppens International is now part of the Alltech family of companies, which includes 14 other companies that Alltech has acquired globally since 2011.

For almost 24 years, Coppens International has earned a strong reputation for being an innovative, high-quality aquatic feed producer. The company’s specialties include temperate and tropical marine and freshwater diets for a variety of juvenile and adult species. The company also produces top-quality ornamental, specialty and bait feeds. Alltech’s latest acquisition enhances the Coppens International product range by integrating Alltech’s microalgae and protein platforms, thereby providing customers with cutting-edge sustainable technologies pertinent to success in today’s demanding aquaculture industry. 

Alltech already owns one of the world’s largest commercial algae production sites in Kentucky. Algae are gaining attention for their application to the feed and food industries as a highly sustainable source of protein and DHA omega-3.

Strong network

Coppens International is an aquatic nutrition businesses that manufactures a range of aquatic nutrition solutions, with a strong production infrastructure, in the heart of Europe. Coppens International has an impressive and dynamic distribution network spread across more than 60 countries, including the Netherlands, France, Germany and Australia. Coppens International products are sold to fish producers via direct sales or through distributor and dealer channels.

“Coppens International has many qualities we admire in a fish nutrition business: a robust, quality production system, dynamic routes to market and a pioneering spirit for research and development, which, all combined, present us with numerous synergies,” said Dr. Pearse Lyons, founder and president of Alltech. “With a combination of Alltech’s primacy in science and Coppens International’s strong distribution network, we have a winning formula for moving aquatic nutrition forward to greater feed efficiency.

“Aqua producers face many common challenges, such as mineral absorption, feed costs and efficiency,” Lyons said. “With Coppens International now part of the Alltech family, we can make global efforts to address these challenges for our customers.”

Improving nutrition

Improved nutrition is a pressing need for the productivity of the world’s aquatic food chain. By improving nutrition, aquatic producers are able to realize a significant increase in feed efficiency. Alltech’s continued commitment to tailoring nutrition and health programs allows producers on the land and in water to raise healthier animals, crops and fish through a process that is better for animals, fish, consumers and the environment. With the welcome addition of Coppens International to the Alltech family of companies, fish producers around the world can expect nutritional, efficient and effective aquatic feed.

“By joining Coppens International with Alltech, we now capitalize on this growth and bring together the best aquatic nutrition solutions to aquatic producers around the world,” said Anno Galema, managing director of Coppens International.

Three locations

Coppens International will continue to be headquartered in Helmond, the Netherlands, and led by Galema, who will report to Patrick Charlton, vice president at Alltech and newly appointed CEO of Coppens International.

The Coppens International business is spread across three locations. The first, its headquarters in Helmond, the Netherlands, focuses on customer and sales support. The second location in Nettetal, Germany, focuses on production, scheduling and logistics, exporting quality aquatic feed to more than 60 countries worldwide. The third location in Valkenswaard, the Netherlands, focuses on research and development.

Alltech has more than tripled its sales in the past four years, with current sales revenues in excess of $2 billion. Since 2011, Alltech has successfully completed 15 acquisitions.

“Today’s aquaculture sector requires focus, dedication and an aggressive approach to continuous improvement of nutritional technology,” said Charlton. “Moving forward together with Coppens International provides a wealth of opportunity and growth, which will benefit aquatic producers across the globe.”

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