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Rubensstraat 175
De Heus is a global player in compound feed, premixes and concentrates for livestock and fish. Through its own operations as well as joint ventures and partnerships, the Dutch company is active in 75 countries, with sales and production sites in Europe, South America, Asia and Africa. De Heus Group’s export department works under the name Koudijs. International joint ventures have been formed with Wellhope Agri-Tech Co. Ltd. in China, Nukamel in Belgium (milk replacer), MUB in Brazil, Koudijs Kapo Feed in Egypt, Alema Koudijs Feed in Ethiopia, Mkorma in Russia (under the name Koudijs Mkorma) and D-mix in Ukraine (under the name Koudijs). In addition to feed production, De Heus conducts research and offers consulting and business services through its subsidiary Agra-Matic.
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