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Sterling Systems BatchPro-SA

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Sterling Systems & Controls Inc.

24711 Emerson Rd.

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Sterling Illinois 61081

United States

Sterling Systems & Controls Inc. offers an automation application module for the batching of solids and liquids. The Sterling Systems BatchPro-SA batching automation and control application will eliminate error, ensure lot and material traceability, and optimize throughput and profitability.

Benefits of the Sterling Systems BatchPro-SA batching application includes:

  • Superior application performance: The custom engineering of each batching automation application ensures that the automation system is what you need and want, while ensuring maximum performance in terms of accuracy and throughput efficiency
  • Integrating with existing systems: Remote supervisory control using another software app, WebCentral from Sterling Systems, allows for easy-to-use browser-based operation, report generation and exporting of data to integrate with corporate ERP systems is available
  • Material traceability and batch validation: Safety of animal feed, pet food and foodstuffs for human consumption is of paramount importance and ingredient material traceability with simple-to-comprehensive lot tracking tools, and batch validation will help you meet safety standards and requirements.