Larson Electronics 320 Watt LED Work Light Compact Quadpod

Larson Electronics 320 Watt LED Work Light Compact Quadpod

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Larson Electronics

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Larson Electronics offers the 320 Watt LED Work Light Compact
Quadpod. The WAL-LQP-320WSA-LED provides operators with an ideal lighting
solution that features a quadpod with wheels for portability and a single 320
watt LED light head that provides 29,446 lumens of light output. Thirty-two
CREE XM-L2 ten watt LEDs producing 920 lumens each are arranged in rows and
paired with high purity optics to provide more light over a larger area nearer
the fixture. The light fixture is IP67 rated waterproof and offers increased
durability, longer lamp life, and low power consumption. This portable light tower has a removable light head
assembly mounted on top of a four legged aluminum quadpod equipped with wheels
for easy positioning from one work space to another. This adjustable and
collapsible quadpod can be extended to 9’ and collapsed to 5 ½’. The light
assembly on this unit can be removed by releasing the hand knob and sliding the
light and mounting bracket off of the center support while the legs can be
collapsed, aiding in deployment, storage and transportation.