Larson Electronics LLC Explosion Proof LED Head Lamp


Larson Electronics LLC, manufacturer of industrial lighting equipment and accessories, has released a portable, explosion proof LED that includes a magnetic mounting attachment and produces a flood pattern beam. It is IP67 rated, dust-proof, and protected against high pressure jets and temporary submersion, ideal for illuminating enclosed areas and hazardous locations where flammable vapors, gases and dusts may be present.

The EPL-MB-150LED-10 is an explosion proof LED hand lamp with a low-profile light head, that is mounted to a portable aluminum frame base with legs. It comes with a shelf-like magnetic mount allowing the light and stand to be mounted to metallic surfaces for added versatility and easy setup. The mounting bracket on this fixture includes six 200-pound grip magnetic bases providing 1,200 pounds of grip allowing operators to mount this unit to walls and flat surfaces. The housing on this magnetic LED is constructed of non-sparking aluminum for a lightweight and durable fixture. Its simple design makes it easy to remove the lamp assembly to operate as a pedestal unit if desired.

This LED lamp provides 9,500 square feet of work area coverage and 17,500 lumens of light output. It can easily be adjusted up and down 90 degrees, then locked into position when the desired angle is found by loosening adjustment screws located on each side of the light head. When this explosion proof unit is used as a portable fixture it produces varying beam angles. The 60 degree angle provides a very intense beam, while the 125 degree angle is more diffused and less bright, ideal for general work lighting. The 140 degree angle is a wide pattern for wide area illumination and even light distribution.

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