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The Axtra PHY GOLD phytase enzyme from DuPont allows the formulation of inorganic phosphate-free, high phytate diets. It also offers market-leading thermostability, a wide range of pelleting conditions and improves the sustainability of animal production.

Phytate is the main storage form of phosphorus in all grains, which represents the basis of most plant-based diets used in animal production. Phytases are enzymes that help break down phytate, allowing better absorption of phosphate and reducing or removing the need for addition of phosphate supplements in poultry and pig diets. The ideal phytase needs to break down phytate as quickly as possible to reduce the phytate’s negative impact. This requires an enzyme that is highly active at the low pH in an animal’s upper digestive tract. Axtra PHY GOLD has been developed with this in mind.